October in Belize

Posted By: Apolinar

October in Belize - 08/23/00 11:56 PM

My girlfriend and I are planning on vacationing in Belize mid-October; however, I read information on one website that called this time of year the "Mosquito" season. Should we expect this to be a problem?
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Re: October in Belize - 08/25/00 01:24 AM

Did you go to Berkeley in 1985-1986 ?
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Re: October in Belize - 08/25/00 02:53 AM

One would always take insect repellent, and most of the time it is not needed, but if you need it, I am told to use one with a high % of deet. They also spray in San Pedro.
Just go and do not worry, enjoy.

Re: October in Belize - 08/25/00 03:36 PM

We have been in SP the end of October the last two years, and will be there the 29th this year. Take a good repellant (2 cans) and you will be fine. Mostly a problem in some of the passageways by the rooms after dark. The breeze usually keeps the little buggers under control.
**********Little Known Useless Info*********
The official San Pedro "Skeeter Season" started this year on August 16th at 4:45 pm. A terrific wave of rain swept in from the reef at 4:30 and lasted 15 minutes (zero visibilty), at 5 pm the sun returned and 4 billion mosquitos woke up and visited with us for the next 8 days. They are still there, we are not. Nothing serious, just a minor irritation. Don't try the Skin So Soft need higher % DEET to be happy.

Have fun.
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