Dive Trip!

Posted By: PamelaO

Dive Trip! - 08/22/00 11:24 PM

Hi! Five couples planning a dive trip to Belize in February 2001 and we are really excited! Our last trip was to Grand Cayman and I got a lot of great information from boards, so here I am to pick your brains!! Looks like we've narrowed it down to The Villas at BanyonBay or Ramon's Village. Good choices?? We need a nice pool with lounges as 3 of the girls do not dive, nice beach and NICE accommodations! I've read some posts...can we walk to town from both?? How about Dive Operators, should we use the on site people or do any of you have some great people who can put up with a group of 40 something mid-lifers who like to have fun, any and all information would be sooo appreciated!!! Thanks In Advance!! Pamela
Posted By: grand10s

Re: Dive Trip! - 08/23/00 06:08 PM

We leave next week for AC. Eleven travelling - 8 divers. We have rented Casa Tortuga Villa ( The owner has hooked us up with a dive operator who will come to the villa the day we arrive and help us plan the week. I can provide more info after we get back. Hope this helps.
Posted By: Karen Pasquariello

Re: Dive Trip! - 08/24/00 03:55 AM

Lived in Belize 5 years and can give you lots of info. Feel free to email me at [email protected]
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Re: Dive Trip! - 08/24/00 03:56 AM

Grand10- Man are you gonna love Casa Tortuga. Its grand....

Have a great time. What fun everyone together in such a lovely place. Wish I could get a group that big together. I think my friends must be lazy.


PamelaO - both Banyan and Ramons have wonderful pools. Banyan a short walk south, maybe 10 minutes from Ramons.

Can't go wrong either way...

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Re: Dive Trip! - 08/24/00 02:54 PM

Pamela ... I was pondering the same Qs you have re: Banyan, Ramons etc. We decided on the Villas at Banyan Bay ... check out the thead I started a couple of weeks ago titled "Caribe Island Ramons ..." has about 27 replys and it may help your decision process... as always ... the folks on this board are great at providing valuable info.. regards ...

Posted By: Jericco

Re: Dive Trip! - 08/25/00 03:54 PM

While Ramon's has the lovliest setting and landscaping, I think they are tremondously over-priced and the cabins at the rear are a real swindle!

Re: Dive Trip! - 08/25/00 04:05 PM

In my humble opinion there is little choice...I would stay at Banyan Bay.
Posted By: PamelaO

Re: Dive Trip! - 08/28/00 06:27 AM

Thanks a lot everyone for the help!! I think we've decided on BanyonBay!! Grand10 let me know how your trip goes and who you use for diving!!

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