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Maya site - 08/24/00 03:53 PM

I was shocked on my last trip down to AC (August) to find that, because of planned building, a fairly large Maya site that actually may have buried structures and burials is being bulldozed in San Pablo Town without even an archaeological survey being done. It's just south of the lake, on the east-west road from behind the beach that leads to San Pablo Town. You can't miss it -- black dirt and lots of pottery, some very large pieces, chert tools, and even some blocks of limestone (building foundations) that had been exposed by the bulldozer. I've known about this site for about 15 years, but it was always mostly jungle-covered until now. It may rival Marco Gonzalez in size and archaeological information it stores about the ancient Maya that once lived on Ambergris Caye. Patty Arceo, are you listening? Get an archaeologist out there ro run a few test pits before the site is destroyed.

Dr. Sal
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Re: Maya site - 08/24/00 09:32 PM

Is it not feasible to excavate this site and make it a tour site? Then guests could stay on the island for a Mayan tour, instead of all the way back to the mainland. I would think whoever owns this property would try to capitalize on this. It would be income for him, preservation of a Mayan site for the government, an incentive to attract tourists for San Pedro and a wonderful convenient way for tourists to see a Mayan site without having to go so far. I find this perplexing..... And this has been known for 15 years?????
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Re: Maya site - 08/25/00 03:18 AM

I sent a copy of that to the San Pedro Sun...

shine somelight on it maybe??
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Re: Maya site - 08/28/00 11:21 AM

Your idea has some merit, Debbie. Dinosaur National Park in Utah is an active quarry where they're removing dinosaur bones for study. In one areas, however, they've built an enclosure where tourists can walk through and see the bones in the rocks, see the paleontologists studying them, pick up literature, etc. Why not do the same thing here? I doubt any temples will be uncovered like at Altun Ha or Lamanai, but nevertheless it's a site. It most definitely will have pottery, home foundations, burials, and so forth. What an attraction for tourists, and only a few minutes from downtown San Pedro. It would be an attraction like no other in Belize! Maybe the Ambergris Museum can purchase the land through donations or grants.
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