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CHOOCHOO - 08/28/00 06:19 PM

CHOOCHOO.....I know I'm probably dense....LOL
Are you living here on the island?....and if so....why haven't we met yet?...LOL [Linked Image]

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Well at times it seems like it. We are there 4-5 times a year usually 10 days at a time about 90 days apart. So it seems at times that we outselves aren't sure where home is. We've been doing that for about 5 years, maybe more.

Even though there seems to be ample evidence to the contrary, we stay pretty quiet and keep a low profile when we are there. (Well, sort of....well OK, maybe we just think it's low or more likely maybe we are low). However we do know most of the local color, characters, and folk lore, and from time to time can actually repeat some it. We were going to stop and see you last week, but I think your office is right next to the Amnesia Cafe and we couldn't remember where it was or why we were looking for it.
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LOL....too many Belikins?

Yes it is next to Cafe Amnesia....which is at the north end of Front St. Let me know when your coming again and we can go have lunch and discuss all the happenings in San Pedro...LOL [Linked Image]

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Sandshaker... Oh, come on! Cafe Amnesia...We've FORGOTTEN where it was...Hello.

Of course our only dining experience at Amnesia was TOTALLY forgettable, except for the aggravation. Be there October 29th until the 5th of Nov.
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E-mail me.... [email protected]
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okay, let me get this straight. i've been there a total of 17 days in my life, 10 on the mainland, yet i managed, with very little effort, mind you, to meet BOTH of you!! as well as beer budget and two other people who had actually read my posts and knew who i was?? c'mon you two! ...or is it i just have no life??? LOL!! nice to meet ya both! - j.
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Re: CHOOCHOO - 08/29/00 06:00 PM

Sandshaker and Choochoo. Amnesia Cafe!
"dejavu" "again"
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Re: CHOOCHOO - 08/29/00 06:14 PM

I think I'm confused.....LOL
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Re: CHOOCHOO - 08/29/00 06:22 PM

If you are confused, then no one will get it.
LOL.......or maybe I don't get it. LOL
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LOL....All I wanted to know is if CHOOCHOO was living here or somewhere else.
Not sure how we got to Dejavu at Amnesia...LOL This board moves too fast for me....LOL
Hell...I'm on Belize time now. [Linked Image] Maybe it was hanging around Bill to long that did it to me....LOL
Somehow I feel like I'm on the outside of an inside joke...LOL
I need a margarita! [Linked Image]
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