Ambergris cay in 1975

Posted By: Clay

Ambergris cay in 1975 - 09/01/00 05:10 AM

I rember flying a single engine "P" model
bonanza across the jungle from VeraCruz to
San Pedro...Setting on the bar with John Logo
playing the guitar and entertaining some british soldiers....eating rock lobster every
night..Fresh coconuts filled with Jamaican rum...Great dives...wonderful fist
landing on the coral airstrip..(stopped 10 ft
from the jungle and looked over my shoulder at a small sign that said "Mayan Airways"
Charlie Usher flew a 182 cessna in those days. The natives were really good people,
Henry owned a small hotel about a mile from
the bar on the beach (dont remember the name)

I came back several times...Once we flew a
small twin across the Gulf and just barely
made it..Just same reminicing from an old
pilot...does anyone remember those times?

I remember two veternarians ministering to the natives....must have beenn 75 to 100 lined up with everything from toothache to
whatever...Been all over the world but never
found a place like ambergris caye!! thanks
for the memories......Clay

Re: Ambergris cay in 1975 - 09/01/00 02:25 PM


Thanks for sharing them. I have a friend who did the very same thing in the mid-70's. Flying a twin up and down the Central American coast line looking for places to dive, and discovering AC.

My wife and I have a saying..."God does not count the days we spend on Ambergris".
(With my habits I need all the extras I can get.)
Posted By: Marty

Re: Ambergris cay in 1975 - 09/01/00 05:15 PM

Got any pictures? Would love to share them with folks...

For others views of back then, see: //
Posted By: Sandshaker

Re: Ambergris cay in 1975 - 09/02/00 03:49 PM

LOL....CHOOCHOO....I like your wife already!

WOW Clay....soundslike quite an adventure! I love to hear stories like that. When will you be visiting again?
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