Posted By: Sandshaker

LOST & FOUND - 09/06/00 11:55 PM

<font face="Comic Sans" color="darkslateblue" size="6">Excuse me....I found these</font><font face="Webdings" color="black" size="8">$</font>
<font face="Comic Sans" color="darkslateblue" size="6">on the beach. Do they belong to anyone in here?....LOL. Sorry, just couldn't help myself!</font>
Posted By: Chloe

Re: LOST & FOUND - 09/07/00 12:37 AM

Mom sure enjoys the large print, for her old eyes. I realize you are still developing your motor skills, maybe in time, you can write smaller. LOL

Sandshaker gets the "Just too Cute" award.
Posted By: Sandshaker

Re: LOST & FOUND - 09/07/00 12:42 AM

Well Mom....I figured these glasses might belong to you and therefore you would REALLY need this large print! ROFLOL
Posted By: Barefoot Skinny

Re: LOST & FOUND - 09/07/00 09:59 AM

That would be MY money... yeah.
Posted By: Chloe

Re: LOST & FOUND - 09/07/00 04:25 PM

Barefoot, we are glad that you found us on this board. It is good to have another local giving us GOOD information.
Posted By: HolleyinColorado

Re: LOST & FOUND - 09/07/00 05:45 PM

Sandshaker, you really got me for a moment, but I have to be sure that you are kidding - you didn't really find glasses, did you?
Posted By: Sandshaker

Re: LOST & FOUND - 09/07/00 06:00 PM Holley...sorry. I was just kidding. Found the little sunglass image and couldn't help inserting it. You should come by and visit me before you leave. [Linked Image]
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