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low cost hotel - 09/10/00 02:14 AM

Could someone in form me of a hotel close to the airport--that is really low-budget--clean I am staying at the seven seas for a week but have two days 1-before and 1-after that I would like to stay low budget. I am so excited about going YESS it is not till febuary but the weather in febuary is real nasty in new york and I am going to paradise for 10 days. CANT WAIT
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Re: low cost hotel - 09/10/00 03:38 AM

Try Rubies, its a nice affordable room. Can't remember exact cost but think its around 25 dollars a night.
Posted By: Wendy

Re: low cost hotel - 09/10/00 05:05 AM

Ruby's is a great place!
Room with private bath, fan $30 US
Room with private bath, AC $45 US
Room with shared bath, fan $15 US

Delightful beachfront budget hotel. I love it.
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Re: low cost hotel - 09/10/00 06:23 PM

Can chime in too? I will cast the 3rd vote for Rubies.

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Re: low cost hotel - 09/11/00 02:47 PM

Yes, also Rubies, stayed there a couple times, wonderful, great location.
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Re: low cost hotel - 09/11/00 04:06 PM

Also Conch Shell Hotel see add this site under lodgings. Anything in town is close to the airport!
Belize it!
Posted By: Marty

Re: low cost hotel - 09/11/00 04:40 PM

How low is low price?

Rubys is great, so is Conch Shell, also some of the smaller places like Marthas and Milos are inexpensive, some share a bath, not the fanciest, but quite reasonably priced...
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