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Fishing charters - 09/11/00 04:08 AM

My husband is interested in a full day fishing charter-probably himself and three other friends. Does anyone have any suggestions as to who is "the best" guide and about how much something like that costs? Also, what are the most common types of fish in the area?
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Re: Fishing charters - 09/11/00 08:36 AM

If your into Deep Sea fishing, Ralston @ Innovative water sports is tops!! Expect Wahoo, Durado (Dolphin fish), Sail, Marlon, and Barracuda on the trip. Usually more Barra than anything.
If you're into fly or flat fishing, check out El Pescador Lodge for great guides, equipment and info. Expect Permit and Tarpon catch and release.
Also, the Sea Boots sport fisher is back in business. Your choice of fishing.
Ralston's around $450us for a full Day, but will come down alot in off season.
El Pescador has a variety of packages. Check there web site. Marty, you got that page???

Don't know what Sea Boots is charging. Have fun.

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Re: Fishing charters - 09/11/00 02:27 PM

New owner of Sea Boots charter. I used them when I was there. Do yourself a favor.....Don't make the same mistake as me!Look elsewhere.

<font face ="Impact" color="#FF0000" size ="4"> They charge $125 per person with a four person minimum.Cost me $500 and all they did was troll the reef for cuda's</font>

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Re: Fishing charters - 09/11/00 02:40 PM

My vote is for Ralston, too. He's great!

Re: Fishing charters - 09/11/00 03:38 PM

Ralston will fit the bill and so will one of the Bradley brothers. (Call the desk at Victoria House). You can also do a half day of reef fishing for snapper, grouper, etc. inside the reef for around $125 for the boat and guide. In 2 1/2 hours you should have all the snapper you can eat for several days. (THAT'S why we to have a kitchen!)
Posted By: Laguna Punta

Re: Fishing charters - 09/12/00 10:28 AM

I was very impressed with Pete Graniel. He is an old time guide, one of the oldest on the island. He still loves fishing and really works hard ta find ya some fish. For purely, salt water fly fishing, I know that Carlos Marin is heavily booked at the Pescador Lodge, and is again, a old time, hardworking fishing guide.
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Re: Fishing charters - 09/14/00 04:12 AM

Sounds like Ralston ranks at the top. Thanks for your input.
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