looking for friendly natives

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looking for friendly natives - 09/12/00 03:46 AM

HI... I'M NEW TO THIS BOARD AND LOOKING FOR A FRIENDLY NATIVE THAT LIVES ON AMBERGRIS CAYE THAT I CAN ASK QUESTIONS OF AND HOPEFULLY RECIEVE FRIENDLY ANSWERS. I AM LOOKING TO MOVE TO AMBERGRIS CAYE AND COULD USE ADVISE ON MANY SUBJECTS:ie, where is the best beachfront property to be had, What kind of business do you think is needed or would do well in AC,how much do things cost like steaks,soap,etc. where do you buy them? All the things you want to know about a place before you move there. Anybody out there interested in helping someone get out of the ratrace of the U.S. and joining you in your tropical paradise?
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Re: looking for friendly natives - 09/12/00 04:35 AM

Your best bet is ta book a nice long vacation there and see if its to your liking. I've recently made a simular move on a part-time basis. Besides vacationing 8 or so times in the last 15 years, I was just plain fortunate to know some "inside" people. Explore this web site and good luck. PS. I'd watch out for the "friendly natives" where ever ya go.

Re: looking for friendly natives - 09/12/00 04:47 AM

I agree with Bill you need to put first things first like first checking the place out in person before even going any further with your plans of moving to AC. Paradise to one person could be hell to another. Life on AC as a full time resident is probally not like anything you have ever experienced before. The people are very friendly and the views of the ocean are wonderful , but the roads are all dirt and there are few places to shop like in the USA or other major countries. There are +'s and -'s and to each their own happiness. I am sure you will enjoy your vist!
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Re: looking for friendly natives - 09/12/00 06:25 AM

Dear Bill and Stocktrader, Thank you for your swift replies. I do plan on coming to AC in Nov. to see, experience what your island life is like. I know that someones's heaven is someone else's hell, and I admit I'm relatively spoiled by Amer. standards. I live in the country here in the U.S. ... I know what it's like to go w/out electricity, have to fend for yourself, etc. Dirt roads don't bother me. I spent 2 weeks last year in Costa Rica exploring the possibilities of living there, also we spent time in Great Guana Caye, Bahamas this summer looking for places to move to.Costa Rica is highly overated and over priced, and their beaches are ugly and grey-sanded and they have no GROCERY STORES!!! God knows where people shop. Gr. Guana Caye is nice, but very insular if you know what I mean. Not only is there nothing to do there, but the people don't want you there. I'm a very friendly person and don't understand that concept. What I am looking for is a nice place, good weather, FRIENDLY people, and maybe a business [small] that would benefit all concerned.So... Still willing to help, or was your opening gambit your best shot? Come on guys help me out. Bill... I could use your expertise and your contacts, likewise with you Stocktrader{do you really trade stocks, if you do WE can talk} Please reply and help me out. I can't afford to go all over the world looking for someplace to settle w/out inside help. Looking forward to hearing back from both of you. Is there some way we can talk w/out everyone reading this? I,m not too good w/ computers so be specific. Thanks, Hope to be your neighbor soon.
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Re: looking for friendly natives - 09/12/00 08:13 AM

There are twentyfive miles of beachfront on Ambergris Caye.....some spots better than others. Some like the north area.....some like the south. A lot depends on how much you rely on having access to the heart of town.
Steaks can be pricey....soap is cheap.
We buy all our goods at the groceries....there are at least 3 large ones and numerous small neighborhood ones.
Most anything you can find.
The people here are friendly....ask anyone who has been here or lives here.
Things move slow here....and business can be a little competitive.

My two-cents on a good business?.....LOL....a fabric the ones in the states!....but that's coming from a woman. [Linked Image]

If you follow this board long will find out a lot of well as an enormous amount of humour.

Nothing like being here to give you the REAL scoop, though.

We look forward to having you.

Jesse does investments/real estate.....maybe he can give you a good idea of what is available here in the way of business and or property. View his posts and email him from there.

Re: looking for friendly natives - 09/12/00 04:58 PM

You seem like a level headed type of guy, so maybe you'll appreciate some input to your question from the perspective of someone who travels to AC 4-5 times a year, and has for several years, but is not a resident. (I don't think, at least).

Try out AC for 10-15 days when the opportunity arises. Then wait about 120 days and go back for the same amount of time. That gives everything a little time to clear, the attraction (if any for you) to cool off a bit, and finally takes you back in a different season.

SandShakers comment about "competitive" should be heeded. Not only is it that, but "competitive" can also be a euphanism in this case for "the locals are not gonna make it easy". We know a number of people who have or have had businesses there, and it is quite obvious that in certain island pursuits it is going to be tough, not only because you are an "outsider' but a gringo to boot. However strong dreams and even stronger ambitions have always been able to overcome a lot.

We like San Pedro for many, many reasons. One of the principal reasons however, is that we DON'T have a business there, and we can come and stay as many times and as long as my US interests will allow and leave whenever we please.

The gringos who live AND have businesses in AC are a pretty tight knit, yet helpful lot. They will give you a lot of very candid info and share a lot of experiences. They are, as you would expect, not going to do that in a public forum.
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Re: looking for friendly natives - 09/12/00 06:09 PM

If you're looking for friendly natives (and it sounds like you're actually looking for friendly immigrants, not just natives), then why would you post a message saying these same friendly people are full of ....?

Don't expect to say something unkind about someone and yet receive friendly advice from them. Anyways, the kind of info & help you're asking for isn't going to be found this easily; there are so many different answers depending on what would work for you. You should start by doing your research and reading all the valuable information on the website, doing a search on this topic on this message board and the message board, and buying the various books available on retiring/immigrating to belize.

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PS- Try to avoid using all caps; on message boards it means you're shouting.

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Re: looking for friendly natives - 09/12/00 06:20 PM

I loved Costa Rica, until I found Ambergris, and have not looked back to Costa Rica.

You have received very good info, in the above posts. Good rule of thumb is to stay with a business you know best, and will have less chance of failure.
Presentation and Attitude is the key.
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Re: looking for friendly natives - 09/14/00 01:37 AM

Sandshaker & Choochoo,
Thanks for the advise.Would have replied yesterday buy the computer was being wierd. I think we would rather be close to the heart of town rather than having to depend 100%on boat travel, so that being the case, I guess that would leave the center of AC and south to look for places.Is that right or am I all turned around? What kind of boats do most people use to get around in? And, please don't laugh,but is it possible to use a pontoon boat there, or is it too shallow? Have found many useful links on the thanks to all that have contributed. E-mailed Jesse as to real estate and hope to hear from him soon.Do any of you do very much fishing there? Love to fish. Just how closely knit are the locals when it comes to opening a business? Is it dog eat dog? Better? Worse? I have lived in a small town where almost everyone was related,wouldn't really accept you until you had a relative in the cemetry, and then not fully.If a newcomer opened a business there,the locals would drive 15 to 20 miles to the next town rather than support it. You can't get much worse than that.Kind of like cutting off your nose to spite your face. I have benn looking at Coconuts Hotel and Cannibals, both of which are offered for sale. Both look very nice. Does anyone have any input to share on either one?

Re: looking for friendly natives - 09/14/00 02:01 AM

Orionhunter, To answer your last question to me -- Yes, I do trade stocks and commodities for a living. I plan on returing to AC for a week in Feb. 2001 and if some people would like to have a little get together and talk about trading I would be more than happy to show people what and how I do it.
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Re: looking for friendly natives - 09/14/00 02:10 AM

I think maybe you got off to a rocky start when you replied on another topic here. But I am willing to overlook that and wipe the slate clean and start over. Lord knows, I've stuck my foot in my mouth plenty of times...LOL But, I'm willing to admit it when I do.
Both Cannibals and Coconuts are great....and both are local hangouts, especially for the Gringos well as the Palapa bar up north.
I eat lunch almost everyday at Cannibals....and I hope whoever buys it over keeps it just the way it is. They have great prices and a simple menu....and do a good business. The view and atmosphere is wonderful.
Jesse can tell you more about Coconuts. It is a nice place with nice rooms and a great little beach bar that is frequented by a lot of locals.
If you decide to buy either will be surrounded by people just like the ones you read on this board. We are just a bunch of crazy folks, that don't get too serious about things and "Don't Sweat The Small Stuff"...(Good book)
So I hope you are ready to handle that....otherwise everybody will migrate to a new watering hole...LOL

Good luck!
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Re: looking for friendly natives - 09/14/00 04:58 AM

Sandshaker, Thanks for the second chance and 10 big mea culpas for the rocky start. Some days are just the pits don't you know? Bile just seems to seep from your pores. Can't wait to not "sweat the small stuff." Waiting to hear from Jesse. Still haven't gotten an answer as to boats or fishing,surely some of you indulge in this great pastime.
Stocktrader...How do you feel about options? Also, know anything about Flextronics or SSTI
? Thinking about taking a position in both.
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Re: looking for friendly natives - 09/14/00 02:47 PM

WELCOME BACK!!! We're all glad to have you and sorry you were "off" that day. Happens to the best of us........
You smile..... and we smile [Linked Image] [Linked Image] [Linked Image] [Linked Image]
I was curious about your "name". Is it a reference to the constellation?? I thought it was interesting......
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Re: looking for friendly natives - 09/14/00 03:03 PM

The best person to talk to about boats here is Tom Vidrine at The Boatyard (the actual name...LOL)
What will shock you here is not the price of the boats....but the price of the engines.
A good NEW engine can cost as much as the boat itself....more if using two.
Tom has some nice used boats....he always has a good supply and also offers mechanic services. Email is:
You could also have one custom made at Bradleys Boat Builders in Belize City.
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Re: looking for friendly natives - 09/14/00 03:37 PM

OH Pontoon boats are not typical in San Pedro but I think I have seen two. I believe there is one houseboat which might have a pontoon base. Any one else know about Art's houseboat? I believe most of the boats are mahogony with power engines. There are plenty of sailboats as well. Also there are lots of smaller wooden skiffs for taxiing about.
FISHING IS GREAT!! Since '88 I have never gone hungry fishing! We mostly reef fish and have never gotten skunked. Of course different fish migrate and move so some times of year are better than others. The past few years I have noticed the sardines are more difficult to find...I should probably contact the Green Reef people. Anyone else notice fewer sardines?
Belize it!
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Re: looking for friendly natives - 09/14/00 04:56 PM

Miz T....did you happen to price engines before you left the U.S.? They are more than the cost of the boat here too, but still not as expensive as down there. But most people (especially North of the river) need a boat instead of a car so the cost equals out I think. Rick has talked about a pontoon boat also but I don't think they are very practical for AC. Can't get everywhere you might need to get.
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Re: looking for friendly natives - 09/14/00 08:40 PM

Yes, the name refers to the constellation. How about a skiff AND a pontoon boat??? Can't beat pontoons for comfort and space for sunbathing,fishing, and most important...drinking BEER!!
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