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Lodging - 09/15/00 01:08 AM

For all of you that have stayed in AC, what are your opinions on the following resorts/hotels?
1]Caribe Island Resort
3]Sunset Beech
4]Carribean Villas
6]Banana Beach
8]Belize Yacht Club [included because they have an all-inclusive pkg.that seems to be cheaper than their reg. rates]
Also, do you need OFF for AC?
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Re: Lodging - 09/15/00 01:19 AM

take the time and go back and read this board for the past 3 months or so. you will find out more than you ever really wanted to know. seriously.
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Re: Lodging - 09/15/00 01:20 AM

oh, my opinion: i would not go all-inclusive. eating and drinking around is half the fun.
Posted By: Chloe

Re: Lodging - 09/15/00 01:29 AM

I prefer a package, RT air to Belize and air to San Pedro, room, & snorkels/dives. I like Sunbreeze to be close to all the restaurants bars, and shops. Therefore do not take any food plans, if you stay in town.
Always take repellent high % of deet, but probably will not need it. I like A/c.

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Re: Lodging - 09/15/00 01:47 AM


Having followed the discussion on this board for the past month, I know your advise is well-meant and that this board is a wealth of knowledge. But the sheer volume of messages during the past week, let alone the past 3 months, makes it impossible for me to go backwards in time very far. There have been topics that I know I have recently read about; but after two weeks, I don't know how to find them again.

Is there an easy way to find a topic on this board. Otherwise, the mountain of documents to wade through seems to be prohibitive.

If there is an easy way, please help me out.
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Re: Lodging - 09/15/00 01:48 AM

By the way, Orion, it seems that one is made a guide after 10 posts. At least some made the same mistake with me after 10.

Re: Lodging - 09/15/00 02:33 AM

It seems over the last few days you keep asking about the flying bugs and OFF. Well the answer is still the same "Yes, you should pack some OFF and there are masquitos on AC." Also, if you need opinions on hotels or for that matter almost any thing on AC just go to the top of your computer screen where the word (SEARCH)and enter what you need and you will get a list of all replys on that subject. Hope it helps !
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Re: Lodging - 09/15/00 03:05 AM

to easily peruse back topics, use the search function located under the add topic and add reply buttons.

also, when you are viewing the main list of topics, there is a dropdown menu in the upper right that says how many days to go back to view topics.

set that to go further back, and you will get a nice long list of items that cover more topics....

i'll change the labels and number of times to post to get the guide label...

i set it to 100 posts for guide status, but it doesn't seem to reset the ones that are set to guide already.

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Re: Lodging - 09/15/00 03:19 AM have me confused with someone else...I have never asked about bugs or OFF before this evening.
Chloe...Sunbreeze looks good to me too, but I would kind of like to have a fridge in the room for drinks,fruit,etc.Ya know??
Posted By: Chloe

Re: Lodging - 09/15/00 03:26 AM

Sunbreeze will provide a coffee maker and refrigerator for a small extra price.
Posted By: patrick-e

Re: Lodging - 09/15/00 03:31 AM

Marty, thanks for that hint. Of course it works. Will make finding past info much easier for me. Again, thanks.

Re: Lodging - 09/15/00 05:39 AM

Since you've got that "wolverine" thing goin for you, I'll throw in...#2 and #4 (I prefer #4)will have you headed in the right direction. I'm not trying to be mean spirited but avoid #5 for sure. Be a little easier to be more candid if I had your e-mail address. Failing that, read the first sentence.
Posted By: Laguna Punta

Re: Lodging - 09/15/00 06:09 AM

Since your on a fact finding mission, I'd stay at the Hideaway Hotel. Its owned by five Texas women and there are long term guest there, that are anxious to talk Belize, to someone new. Those other Hotels are for vacations. Ya need ta get with some Ex-Pats and locals to learn if ya like Belize. The accomadations are not luxurious, although they have a nice swimming pool and the best Chili in Belize. They also make a great Chicken Fried Steak with white gravy and mash-potatoes. Locals stop by for meals all day. Generally a nice mix of people. The location is great for your purposes. Its also reasonably priced so you can stay longer. I think they even have monthly rates. Many options in accomadations. They must have about 6 or so different rates/accomadations. Good Luck.
Posted By: orionhunter

Re: Lodging - 09/15/00 07:58 AM

janeinPA....As you can see from the time of this post...I took your advice and went back to read members' answers about where to stay. The propblem is....they ALL look great!!Now what?? I guess I'll just pack light and stay one nite at each of my favorites[JT]
Are there any balconies w/ chairs at Sunbreeze?
Has anyone stayed in the rooms w/ Jacuzzis?Worth the extra price?
Can you rent fishing poles for fishing off the piers anywhere? And what do you use for or artificial?
Can you drink the local water?
Posted By: patrick-e

Re: Lodging - 09/15/00 11:50 AM


My e-mail address is I can handle candid comments.

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Re: Lodging - 09/15/00 01:21 PM

Orion.....Bill has a good thought. He must be eating his carbs now....LOL will get more info by staying at the hideaway. I would also recommend Lily''s a homey little place...and does have a fridge in the room and A/C for about $45 US a night. My office is just around the corner....maybe 100 steps or less. If you want to go hubby has a coupe rods & reels....he would be glad to take you! Oh yea.......Lily's has balconies too with tables and chairs and adirondack chairs so you can sit outside and sip your Belikins while you watch the sun go down. They also have a restaurant....has great breakfast! Centrally located on the beachfront!

Re: Lodging - 09/15/00 03:25 PM

Yup, the waters safe to drink. Tastes like crap though, and if you a some whites that need washing you won't need any bleach. (True) Sunbreze is a very popular place for both "newbies" and some long timers. They have some rooms with whirlpool tubs (BeerBudget and hubby had one). The Texas gals at the Hideaway are a hoot, but oh my goodness what a project. We heard stories that would make "Don't Stop the Carnival" blush. Bill left out the fact that they also have real live bisquits and gravy. Friendly bar too, although Sandshaker has at least once referred to the clientele as local lay-abouts, or something of the ilk. I resemble that!
Posted By: Chloe

Re: Lodging - 09/15/00 03:36 PM

Sunbreeze has verandas outside your room, with strait back chairs, which was fine for me. Then the deck around the pool has nice loungers, for your comfort, and hammocks on the second floor over the bar, for gazing at the sea.
Posted By: Sandshaker

Re: Lodging - 09/15/00 03:50 PM

ChooChoo....Don't think that was me...but at any rate....that's the best kind....right? [Linked Image]

Re: Lodging - 09/15/00 04:03 PM

I never forget when someone adequately defines me. Lazing at the Hideaway can be a VERY taxing pasttime. Specifically, I have to keep an eye peeled on the street so that if a responsible member of the community (which would be just about anyone else) peeks in I can deftly move into the shadows thereby maintaining my spotless reputation.

Have you had a chance to check on Jesse yet?

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Posted By: Lan Sluder/Belize First

Re: Lodging - 09/15/00 04:35 PM

Most of the places you mention are good spots, but for what it's worth if I were going to have to choose among these I would put The Palms, Banana Beach and Caribbean Villas at the top, based on the size of the units and good, friendly management. The Palms and Banana Beach are condotels with big, bright, clean suites/apartments. Caribbean Villas isn't a condotel but most units are suites or apartments, and management/ownership is first rate. It does not have a pool. I also like SunBreeze for its location, pool and management, though the rooms aren't in the same league as those at The Palms or Banana Beach.

If I had to pick just one, it would probably be The Palms, because I usually like to stay close to town and it has a pool, though I really, really like the seafront units at Banana Beach, and I like the quiet and the Mar de Tumbo beach, and I think Banana Beach is really well run with great prices. But any of these three, and with perhaps one exception any of the others would be very accommodating. In the end it might come down to price.

--Lan Sluder
Belize First

Re: Lodging - 09/15/00 04:48 PM

Lan's got it right again. I'd have to flip a coin if I had to choose between the Palms and Caribbean Villas. (Of course we are VERY partial to CV's location so it'd win). If you read an earlier post on this topic, that I mistakenly addressed to Patrick, you will see what the one exception might be.
Posted By: Laguna Punta

Re: Lodging - 09/15/00 06:28 PM

The fundamental issue is the purpose for your stay. If your on vacation, all your choices are great. But for the most part, you'll be sitting around with other vacationers talking about Mosquitoes. If your still checking Belize out for a future home, ya need ta stay near the Ex-Pats, take everything with a grain of salt, and DON'T get in a hurry. Avoid the quick deal. My best advice would be to have breakfast near the front table at Estelles By The Seas EVERY morning. After awhile, Charlie Estelle might bless ya with his wisdom. Don't try ta chase him around, he decides who is worthington.

Re: Lodging - 09/15/00 07:36 PM

That "Charlie Estelle" and "worthington" thing is just too clever. Helps to have an appreciation for OLD music, too.
Posted By: Sandshaker

Re: Lodging - 09/15/00 07:58 PM really helps if you tell old Charlie you read about him on the internet and bring him some old music as a gift!
Cassettes only please...LOL It might help to get you a seat at his infamous table!
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Re: Lodging - 09/15/00 10:50 PM

To all of you that took the time to answer--thanks [Linked Image] I now know you can drink the H2O even if it's yucky! I know where to go to meet ex-pats and have bisquits and gravy(yum) Sandshaker's hubby likes to fish and will loan us poles and maybe even go with us JOY [Linked Image]
Choochoo--you are too cryptic for me--explain "exception"por favor.
The price at Lily's is great-but my son will demand a pool (preferably stocked with hot chicks in Bikinis) [Linked Image]
I am TOTALLY seduced by Sunbreezes' website and their pool..but wonder if I'll miss not having a kitchen and living room.
The Palms website isn't complete-so I can't view their rooms, but their prices seem ok,and everyone says it's nice.
Banana Beach also looks good...7th nite free.
Just about to enter the home stretch and make a final decision when...oops...I clicked onto Paradise Villas...WOW...beautiful rooms, pool, centrally located,good rates, and all that FREE STUFF!!!
Debbie--did you get all the free stuff when you stayed there and did your room look as good as the one on the website???
Decisions Decisions [Linked Image]
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Re: Lodging - 09/15/00 10:59 PM

Any of these places have a bar on the beach?

I'm looking for someplace where I can relax and have a drink in my hand most of the time.

Re: Lodging - 09/15/00 11:21 PM

Orion; Yah...Paradise Villas. That would be a great choice. You'll have to roam a bit for the ex-pat gringos, but that's half the fun. The exception would be #5 on your original list. Just my opinion.

As far as beach bars...there are no lack of bars in San Pedro, beach or otherwise. For those so inclined it is almost too easy to have a drink in your hand most of the time. Fixing them in your room works pretty good too, or so I am told. Failing that someone will surely pop in and list all of the resorts, condotels, etc.that have beach bars. I lose track since it is not one of my human failings. (Keeping accurate count of the bars, that is.)

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Posted By: finsterbaby

Re: Lodging - 09/15/00 11:24 PM

anybody have any experience with Cocnuts hotel? This place looks pretty nice (and a beach bar in the photo!)
Posted By: orionhunter

Re: Lodging - 09/15/00 11:41 PM

Everyone says that Coconuts is a very nice place to stay and the bar is hoping (kinda makes you think of Cocktail right?) They provide free bikes for use to their guests also. The only drawback for me would be the lack of a pool. As much as I love being in the ocean,sometimes you just want to cool off in freshwater--know what I mean? When is your trip ?
Posted By: finsterbaby

Re: Lodging - 09/15/00 11:45 PM

Thanks for the info.

Staying just 3 nights... Sep 30 through Oct 3.

I just sent them an email. I hope they have something avail as I think I like this place.

Want to do some diving too. The lack of a pool is non biggie for me really. Hopping bar and beach front lounging is just what I'm looking for.

Re: Lodging - 09/16/00 12:48 AM

Coconuts will be just fine. We've stayed there twice over the years. Rooms are big and comfy, free ice, might need a cooler. We've left a few brain cells at the bar. This is a nice cozy place. We'd probably still be staying there if we didn't want the kitchen, etc, etc.
(BelizeMama, if you're lurking you'll notice that I obeyed SWMBO's rule. It was really tough though. Inside joke.)
Seriously, Coconuts is a great place, and in my opinion perfect for the 3-5 night stay w/o pool. David is a great host.
Posted By: orionhunter

Re: Lodging - 09/16/00 12:51 AM

Finsterbaby...betcha 3 nites will never be enough!!!!Have a great time and toss back some cool ones fo me [Linked Image]
Posted By: Laguna Punta

Re: Lodging - 09/16/00 06:35 AM

When ya mention Coconuts, I've just gotta think about my little Margie. Oh boby, baby! If I hung around her anymore, I'd be in da hospital with Jesse. This woman is HOT!

Re: Lodging - 09/16/00 12:21 PM

I thinks you got somethin there. Remember who hired "My Little Margie".

Unfortunately, Coconut's still has the hardest bar stools in the hemisphere and my sensitive side urges me to move on much too soon. Rats!
Posted By: Laguna Punta

Re: Lodging - 09/16/00 10:17 PM

That was one of your great decisions hiring, Margie. How long did that take ya. Not long, I'd guess.
Posted By: Chloe

Re: Lodging - 09/16/00 10:43 PM

Didn't Jesse hire Margie?

Re: Lodging - 09/16/00 11:02 PM

Orion--- sorry, you are correct.
Posted By: orionhunter

Re: Lodging - 09/17/00 01:23 AM

Stocktrader----you are totally forgiven.
Posted By: Sandshaker

Re: Lodging - 09/17/00 01:38 AM

I beg to differ ChooChoo.....Fido's barstools are THE most uncomfortable stools I've ever sat on. I've told Malcolm many times he needs to do something about those...but I don't think he's listening to me....LOL They are TOO tall...and cut off the circulation in your legs...LOL
Posted By: Laguna Punta

Re: Lodging - 09/18/00 03:12 AM

I think the bar stools at Coconuts is just right. They keep the riff-raff moving. Gives a better chance, for a certain hard ass, ta score with Margie. Hey, was there a dangling participial phrase somewhere?
Posted By: Chloe

Re: Lodging - 09/18/00 03:45 AM

Good one Bill, you got the little Sifting Sands English teacher, on the above. LOL

Re: Lodging - 09/18/00 04:26 PM

I stand (or sit) by original appraisal. The stools at Coconuts are awful. SandShaker just needs to grow a little so that she doesn't dangle her principal as much at Fidos. Jesse hired Margie, which may be a contributing factor in his recent illness.

Bill you're right about the riff-raff thing, and I resemble it. After 10-15 minutes I have to shuffle back south and recover in the world's hardest lounger. Unless SWMBO is out of the hammock.

I think the best idea is to get one to go at Coconuts, finish it walking to the Hideaway, grab one of my deadly blue things at the Hideaway and finish it on the walk back to Coconuts. IT'S EXERCISE! DAMN!
Posted By: Chloe

Re: Lodging - 09/18/00 04:34 PM

Maybe one should visit the RX and pick up one of those donut cushions for those hard bar stools, it could work. LOL
Posted By: Laguna Punta

Re: Lodging - 09/19/00 08:51 AM

Hey Chloe, did I ever tell ya bout when I got bone spurs on my heel. I went to the VA Hosp., and this little oriental doctor told me to take 800 MG of ibuprofen, 3 times a day, and ta wear donuts in my shoes. It wasn't working, so I went back two weeks later and that little oriental doctor told me he didn't mean glazed donuts.
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