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Patrick e - 09/15/00 03:08 AM

We're neighbors, I'm in Wyandotte right now. For 7 years I had an office in Troy on Executive Drive between 14 Mile and Maple Rd. Wow, its a small world.
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Re: Patrick e - 09/15/00 03:28 AM

Silkpainter, you are right, our old offices were on Maplelawn Drive, between 15 & 16mi, off of Crooks. Your absolutely right, it is a small world.

Re: Patrick e - 09/15/00 05:30 AM guys are still learnin' the ropes. How 'bout escapin from FLINT 30 years ago...TWICE! You will eventually learn your way out of Oakland county, ignore your job, neighbors and family and spend as much time as you can in San Pedro. Trust me. Now that's doing something. None the less God bless my beloved Wolverines.
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Re: Patrick e - 09/15/00 12:03 PM

Well, ChooChoo, I too did escape Michigan several years ago, made it a far south as North Carolina for 6 years. But they dragged me back! One day, I will leave for good. Its just to cold and nasty here in the winters. Can't imagine that Indiana is much warmer in mid February. Probably why you spend so much time in AC, right?

Re: Patrick e - 09/15/00 03:13 PM

Who would be Indiana in mid-February? Certainly not us. That's when you go sailing in The British Virgin Islands while making plane reservations for AC in March.

Indiana winters are mostly warm raincoat time with a backup generator for the inevitable ice storms.
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