Toga Party

Posted By: Laguna Punta

Toga Party - 09/15/00 06:39 AM

Posted By: booblers

Re: Toga Party - 09/15/00 06:42 AM

Posted By: auschen

Re: Toga Party - 09/15/00 01:16 PM

Rats! (I mean, Dogs!)

I had the ol' sheet out already. Hey, what's that stain?
Posted By: Laguna Punta

Re: Toga Party - 09/15/00 06:30 PM

Posted By: Sunkissed

Re: Toga Party - 09/15/00 06:37 PM

That Bill's got all of our numbers.....LOL Suckered once again. Good one Bill!!!
Posted By: Chloe

Re: Toga Party - 09/15/00 06:41 PM

Do those Texas ladies at the Hideaway allow your Toga parties Bill?
Posted By: Jenn

Re: Toga Party - 09/15/00 07:42 PM

Ha ha ha, very funny again! Togas? Sure, they just have to shave. LOL
Posted By: Laguna Punta

Re: Toga Party - 09/16/00 05:45 AM

Hey Auschen, look at dem coconuts!
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Toga Party - 09/16/00 09:51 AM

bill, my dad always tells the same jokes over and over. i always just roll my eyes. now my father-in-law has retired and hes been doing the same thing. hmmm...
Posted By: Laguna Punta

Re: Toga Party - 09/16/00 04:21 PM

I'll keep throwing it out, as long as the fish keep biting. And by the way Jane, ya look wonderful in that toga.
Posted By: Sandshaker

Re: Toga Party - 09/16/00 05:49 PM

LMAO....Bill....that ain't no toga Jane is wearing!

She tried the sheet....but you couldn't find her when she got finished...LOL
She had to opt for the pillowcase look...LOL
added a large dog collar for the belt....LOL
Voila'....a perfect ensemble!

Now me on the other hand....well....I'm still working with the sheet....seems it's a little short on the sides....hehehe
Um...could you Fed Ex me a queen size....LOL
and one of them there bungee cords for the belt? [Linked Image]

I'm all set for this rip-roarin' party! Hell, I even shaved my legs and my arm pits for this special occaision!!!

[Linked Image]
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Toga Party - 09/17/00 04:23 AM

honey, you been outta the states too long! i assume your pillowcase reference is to my petite size (5' 98lbs). i'm flattered!
is bill wearing two washcloths? or just hiding in the bushes watching going "hee hee"?
Posted By: Laguna Punta

Re: Toga Party - 09/17/00 05:18 AM

No Jane, wearing wash clothes is definately not da look for me. I gots this Leopard Skin Marble Bag I like ta slip on and strut my shucks. PS. Did ya say you were 598 lbs.?, Oh, baby, baby! HEE HEE
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