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Paradise Villas - 09/20/00 11:48 PM

Good Afternoon Everyone!

I am wondering what your opions (totally candid) are of Paradise Villas. There are four (maybe six) of us taking this trip. And trying to find something for everyone is....well...interesting! Also, is there a beach as well as a pier on their property? If just a pier is there a neighboring beach that can be used? I'm hopeing to find something to make everyone happy by the end of this week because I would like to make reservations Monday. I want an exact date so I too can have one of those count down calendars like others have. Big red marks counting down the days till I get to go to PARADISE!
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Re: Paradise Villas - 09/21/00 12:13 AM

Me again Sunkissed. LOL We stayed in a condo at Paradise villas on one of our trips. It was pretty nice basically but one of the bedrooms leaked like a sieve when it rained. Not good for my cousin and his wife who were sleeping in there. The pool is nice and the grounds are kept up nicely. There really is no beach there but the whole area around the pool is very comfy. And of course you can sit and look at the water. You can swim from the dock if that is the concern. Our favorite place now is Coral Bay Villas south of town. No pool but a nice beach area with lounges, hammocks, etc. Pretty new and extremely comfortable and very clean. More beaches to the south of town than to the north as a rule. Paradise Villas is closer to town too, if that is important. [Linked Image] Good Luck!!
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Re: Paradise Villas - 09/21/00 12:45 AM

Its very nice, the layout and look is very similar to the Yacht Club. Lotsa pics of it at: //

Nice pool, beautiful grounds, big beach area out by the pier, very close to Hustler for diving...
Posted By: Lan Sluder/Belize First

Re: Paradise Villas - 09/21/00 12:55 AM

I can tell you what our readers report about Paradise Villas. Most reports are positive; a few people looking for luxury are disappointed. It's a nice middle-class type of place, not deluxe. Also, the units vary a good deal, as some are individually owned and decorated. Some are A/C in the bedrooms only, others fully A/C.

I disagree a bit with Marty -- I don't see much similarity between Paradise Villas and the BYC. The BYC has a kind of Mexican style, and Paradise Villas are more like a Florida condo development from the 1970s.

--Lan Sluder
Belize First
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Re: Paradise Villas - 09/21/00 03:46 AM


We stayed there three years ago, and thought that the property was very nice. The unit that we stayed in was 2nd floor with A\C in bedroom only, but this was OK. Kitchen was used for coffee and breakfast each day(before dives), and one or two evening meals. Grounds and pool are great, close to town and dive shop and docks just around the corner. The only drawback that I can see is that there is not a restaurant on site. We are leaning toward staying there again in October (trying to decide between Seven Seas Resort and Paradise Villa, both on the north side of town). PV is a little closer to town. If you chose Paradise Villas, you can't go wrong.
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Re: Paradise Villas - 09/21/00 03:54 PM

My family and I stayed at Paradise Villas the fist week of June this year. We thought it was wonderful, and a heck of a lot cheaper than Ramon's. The rooms were very comfortable. Yes, was an AC in our bedroom only, but if you leave the doors open, it MORE than cooled the whole condo. Some condo's do have central air. The pool was fabulous. It has a swim up bar (unattended) but we filled a bucket up with ice and beer and set it on the bar. You can also take your blender down there. HA! The grounds were lush, and immaculately kept. The kitchens are fully equipped. This was perfect for us, as we had two teen boys with us, who eat and drink constantly. We ate breakfast "in" every morning. I can't say enough about the local eggs and sausage!!!Had sandwhich stuff readily available for the boys, a fridge FULL of Belikin and fresh fruit. There was a security officer on patrol at night, so I always felt perfectly safe walking home. Just past the pool, there is a small beach area with a few chairs, but there's lots of palms there so it's mostly shadey. Yes, there is a dock, and just off the end there are some small artificial reefs to explore. Hustler tours is the next dock down, so we picked most of our tours up, just outside the gate. It is VERY convenient to town, and a two minute walk to a small grocery. If you choose to get a golf cart for the week, each unit has a small parking space out front for your cart. The patios have table and chairs, and are quite large. The management will also get you a BBQ grill if you request it. We did, and BBQ'd all the fish we caught and some chicken one night. VERY FRESH chicken. (That's another storey) It was wonderful. I didn't have one complaint.
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Re: Paradise Villas - 09/22/00 12:34 AM

Okay Debbie, you can't say something like that and expect us to wait for the "VERY FRESH" chicken story. Come on....out with it!lol The way these posts' go.... who know's where this one is going to lead us! Stay tuned everybody, this should be good!
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Re: Paradise Villas - 09/22/00 12:50 AM

Some of us are stilling laughing over that chicken story. In fact, that story started all the silly postings, I think. But it is good enough to read it again. LOL LOL
That's my Kid.
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Re: Paradise Villas - 09/22/00 04:53 AM

Yep!...Debbie's "FRESH" chicken story has to be the all time best for tourist mishaps on Ambergris Caye....LMAO

Debbie..I told that story to Mr. Graniel..our builder....not too long ago...when we were coming back from the property. He got a really big laugh out of that one! [Linked Image]
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Re: Paradise Villas - 09/22/00 04:55 AM

Okay already, for those of us who haven't heard the Fresh Chicken story....let's have it. C'mon, it's not fair to tease us. PLEASE!
[Linked Image]
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Re: Paradise Villas - 09/22/00 05:35 AM

I haven't heard the fresh chicken story....Please!
Posted By: Debbie

Re: Paradise Villas - 09/22/00 03:06 PM

Okay guys......
For those of you who haven't heard it.......
While in San Pedro, we ate at a Jamaican restaurant called Jambel's. They have this awesome stuff called jerk chicken. They also have wonderful curry dishes, if you like curry. Well I found jerk spices in the local grocery, love to cook, and thought it would be fun to try it. Got the grill from the resort manager, bought the spices and headed to the grocery for chicken. EVERYTHING was frozen. I wanted to do this for lunch, so I inquired at the little butcher shop if they ever got in any fresh chicken. "Sure!" She said. I asked her when the "shipment" came in and she said to come back in 45 minutes. I did. She handed me a plastic sack, I paid her, and went back to the condo. Wanted to wash and cut up the chicken so I dumped it in the sink. IT STILL HAD FEET, LEGS, FEATHERS AND EVERYTHING!! The only thing missing was the head. I about died..... My husband laughed so hard he peed in his pants. We have a picture of me with this chicken. Well, I wasn't going to let that stop me, so out came the eye brow tweezers and I plucked that SOB myself. Cutting the feet off was horrible. But we cooked him and ate him. Like I said, it was the freshest chicken I ever ate. Sandshaker said it had probably been running around in someones yard, just minutes before..... So. Viola. Jerk chicken, Belize style...
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Re: Paradise Villas - 09/22/00 03:17 PM

Debbie....did you make a pillow with the feathers? That IS a funny story.
Posted By: Debbie

Re: Paradise Villas - 09/22/00 03:46 PM

No pillows.....
BUT sand shaker says that in Belize the chicken feet are a delicacy. YUCK!!!
Posted By: Sunkissed

Re: Paradise Villas - 09/22/00 10:26 PM

ROTFLMAO!!! Man I gotta give you credit Debbie can't say I would've had the bravado to go through with it....YOU'RE A STUD! Guess I certainly know what NOT to order while
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