Cigars $$$

Posted By: Sunkissed

Cigars $$$ - 09/20/00 11:50 PM

My husband is curious what the price range for Cuban Cigars are. I also know you're not suppose to bring them back to the states. So sneaky friends, how do you go about doing this. Or, is it OK?
Posted By: Belize Mama

Re: Cigars $$$ - 09/21/00 12:05 AM

My hubby says they will run anywhere from $3.00 US to about $ 25 US...depending on size and quality. Says best prices were at airport in Belize City as oppossed to AC.
We never tried to bring any back from Belize but brought quite a few home from Italy this year. He just took them out of their little tubes that said "made in Cuba" and put them in our luggage. Of course, I think customs is easier coming back from Europe rather than Central America or the Carribean.
Posted By: Lan Sluder/Belize First

Re: Cigars $$$ - 09/21/00 01:01 AM

The last one I bought in San Pedro I paid US$10 for one cigar. It was good, but I felt a little decadent, given that US$10 is more than a Belizean household worker (on the mainland) makes for an entire day of work. And certainly it's many times what the Cubans get for the cigars. Lots of profit for middlemen in the cigar distribution business, I guess.

--Lan Sluder

Re: Cigars $$$ - 09/21/00 01:31 AM

Most Cuban's are pretty good(cigars that is)but while your in country try the new local cigar called Jaguar.They have a good flavor and draw well.Plus,if your husband collects cigar bands they have a really cool band,the head of a Jaguar.These cigars are actually rolled in Nicaragua and finished in Belize City. Enjoy!!!
Posted By: Laguna Punta

Re: Cigars $$$ - 09/21/00 03:28 AM

I understand dat Marty put his in kleenex boxes. Guess it worked, or he out on bail.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Cigars $$$ - 09/21/00 03:06 PM

we no longer smoke cigars, we stopped when it became trendy. however, the ones i saw there were from $7.50 to $10 US on average. they were $25 each at the JE bar. ouch! dope is probably cheaper!!
Posted By: Jericco

Re: Cigars $$$ - 09/21/00 03:22 PM

When people in the States ask me why I love Ambergris so much I answer, "Because you can smoke in the restaurants!"
Posted By: Sunkissed

Re: Cigars $$$ - 09/21/00 11:05 PM

Thanks everybody! And wouldn't ya know that the only sneeky answer I got was from that Bill.....Yo the man Bill!!! lol

Are the cigars from Nicaragua ok to bring back into the states? If anyone else has any ideas,let me know.

Did you really do that Marty???

Re: Cigars $$$ - 09/23/00 02:18 AM

Yes,you can bring anything in except Cuban stuff.Anything legal that is.
Posted By: Kathryn

Re: Cigars $$$ - 09/24/00 03:49 AM

Wrap 'em in plastic or throw 'em in with your dirty wash so the dogs don't get the scent if you arrive in Miami. I usually walk through with them in my carry on.
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