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Posted By: italian chefs

......bbbiiiiiiiiiiiillllllll l!!!!!!!!!! - 09/21/00 08:54 PM

when you'll be in Ambergris? we 'll be on the island middlend of october.
please tell us more about your spot...
we need golf car or any bicycle to go in town?
let us know more details...
thanks to help us
stefano and criss
ps [Linked Image]ur e-mail add.
Posted By: TexasCat

Re: ......bbbiiiiiiiiiiiillllllll l!!!!!!!!!! - 09/22/00 03:50 AM

we will be there oct 7-11, staying at seven seas. we decided to spend less on hotels and more on other things. the place looks really nice and resonably priced. we'll let you know.
Posted By: Laguna Punta

Re: ......bbbiiiiiiiiiiiillllllll l!!!!!!!!!! - 09/22/00 04:12 AM

Hi Stefano and Criss: I need to know how long will you be in San Pedro. My plans are not made. I was planning on coming to Belize in late November or early December. After today, I think about leaving sooner. I'm taking a long look at a Maserati Biturbo. Haven't found a good mechanic yet in St Louis for a Maserati. Its such a beautiful car, and sooo unpractical. My place is within walking distance, although it takes about 20 minutesto get to the middle of San Pedro. Bicycles are expensive, about $200 US for a good one. It needs to be made of aluminum or stainless steel to last in the salt air. I know of a chef living at the Hideaway Hotel, I think he owns a Indian (as in Country) Resturant. The lady's who own the Hideway Hotel caters to longtime residents. They have as reasonable of rates on the island. They have monthly rates. Its not fancy, but it has a swimming pool and a good resturant. You will meet many people such as yourselves, trying to make a living for yourself in "paradise". The other units on "Elmers Island" are currently occupied, but I will get back if there are any changes. Pray for me about this Maserati. Take care: Bill Thornton
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