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Posted By: dave in phoenix

beach front lot - 09/23/00 08:31 PM

coming down next month for 1st time. can anybody recommend a realtor. i'm looking for beachfront lot (mainland or islands..not sure) can anyone recommend a realtor or does anybody know of any properties.
any scams/ scam artists i should avoid in dealing with buying property.

would like to hear from anybody who has done this already that could help and provide honest feedback about the "best affordable places" (subjective..i know) to live in belize

also any recommendations on mid-range hotels by/on the beach (we'll be there last week of oct)

thanks for your help

Posted By: papashine

Re: beach front lot - 09/23/00 08:49 PM

Check in with Jesse, you can check out his web site
Posted By: Lan Sluder/Belize First

Re: beach front lot - 09/23/00 10:34 PM

There are some competent and honest real estate people in Belize, but keep in mind that basically anyone in Belize can set himself or herself up as a broker, without any training or licensing. It's not like the U.S. Caveat emptor.

Real estate in Belize can be a good deal, but I'd recommend you ask yourself these questions before you buy:

* Are you getting the Belize price or the foreigner price? Most property in Belize has several prices, depending on who is buying. (This is less true on Ambergris Caye, where most buying and selling is by expats.)

* Are you willing to put your money in an illiquid investment? What happens if you buy and then you want to sell? Who will buy? For most parcels, basically there is no local market, since few Belizeans can afford today's high prices for real estate -- most buyers are other expats and international investors. What happens if there is a serious recession in the U.S. and Canada?

What happens if the Belize dollar is devalued or loses value?

* What are you going to do with the property? Buy for investment? Live there? If the latter, have you spent any time in Belize to find out what it's really like?

As to where in Belize to buy, it's like anything else -- everybody has an opinion. My own preference is the Corozal Town area. It has a friendly, small-town Belizean-Mexican atmosphere, safer than most areas in Belize. It's close to Mexico, for excellent, inexpensive medical care and a variety of shopping. The climate is relatively dry, with only about 50 inches of rain. Prices are far lower than in San Pedro or Placencia. Seafront land in some areas is higher lying than farther south, a plus during hurricanes. There are relatively few bugs.

Other than Corozal, I like the Hopkins area, Punta Gorda, Cayo and rural Orange Walk district.

--Lan Sluder
Belize First Magazine
Posted By: SP Daily

Re: beach front lot - 09/23/00 11:27 PM

Lan's correct... there is no licensing system for real estate people in Belize, yet. I look forward to the day when Belize has a real estate comission. I was a licensed real estate broker in Hawaii for many years, and stayed involved with the local Kona Board of Realtors. This sort of professional organization does a lot to improve the level of education and competency in the real estate business.

Re: beach front lot - 09/23/00 11:45 PM

I have purchased several lots up on the north end of the island.Please e-mail me and we can discuss the trials and tribulations of purchasing land in Belize.
Posted By: Josh

Re: beach front lot - 09/24/00 03:32 PM

I Highly reccomend Lee with Southwinds Properties. Josh
Posted By: Lan Sluder/Belize First

Re: beach front lot - 09/24/00 04:25 PM

Some licensed real estate people are competent; some are not.

For example, I have a real estate broker's license in North Carolina, and formerly I had a real estate salesperson's license in Louisiana, and I would be a totally incompetent at real estate. (I got my licenses so I could better report on real estate and savings and loan/banking issues, never sold real estate.)

--Lan Sluder
Belize First Magazine
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Re: beach front lot - 09/24/00 05:11 PM

Many states, Hawaii and California included, require continuing education to hold a real estate license... forces licensees to maintain competency. Biggest plus to Belize forming a real estate commission and licensing real estate people is the oversight and regulation that would develop.

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Re: beach front lot - 09/24/00 06:21 PM

I am a real estate broker in Texas and we have had mandatory continuing education for many years. Which is good, but it has not improved the weak agents much. There are many levels of capabilities in real estate.
Talking with an Agent a few minuties, should give a prospective Buyer a clue as to what the Agent actually knows. But those poor Agents still find prosepective Buyers, I just have not figured out how they do it.
Posted By: Laguna Punta

Re: beach front lot - 09/24/00 06:37 PM

Paisano! He's got his groove back.
Posted By: Chloe

Re: beach front lot - 09/24/00 07:58 PM

I have emailed with several real estate agents on Ambergris, and the two outstanding ones to me, have been Jesse, and Diane.
I found their imput to be right, when I checked out things in San Pedro for myself.
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Re: beach front lot - 09/24/00 08:03 PM

thanks everybody for your help


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Re: beach front lot - 09/27/00 02:17 AM

thanks again for your help. hooking up with jesse first week of nov!


dave in phoenix
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