hi annieo!

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hi annieo! - 09/26/00 10:12 AM

saw you are from southampton! we could start the bucks county thread, but we'd be the only ones on it! where in southampton are you? i'm right off almshouse road west of you, past route 263. used to live in willow grove from 1990-99. did you use underwater world as your dive instructors? everyone i know from here has. i, like chloe, dont know if i can swim 12 laps. never tried in my life. i think someday i will get up the nerve to dive, but not this year. til then i'll float with my snorkel.
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Re: hi annieo! - 09/27/00 05:30 AM

We're at the far end of Southampton, near County Line and Second Street Pike.
We used Doc's Divers to get certified.....used to be right in Southampton, but Doc was a real M.D. who, according to the newspapers, had his hands in a Medicare fraud thing, so he went to jail for awhile....don't know if he's still there.
As for that 12 lap stuff....straight swimming, I can barely do one lap. But that relaxed backstroke....can go on all day.
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Re: hi annieo! - 09/28/00 04:04 PM

well, nice to meet ya. a girl my husband works with lives near you, and a friend of mine moved here to buckingham from street rd & 2nd st pike in april. its not that far, 20 minutes? are you near Tyler State Park? frank takes my little kids there sometimes. isnt the fall here getting pretty? when do you go to AC? we went aug 19-26. bye.
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