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Rum!!! - 11/06/12 08:13 PM

Ok here is my problem. I'll be moving down to SP this year. I am a die hard Jack Daniels drinker, as well as beer. I know buying Jack is going to be expensive, so I will be changing to local rum. I need some input from all you rum drinkers as to what is the best local rum. I realize that this is a subjective question but at least it will give me a start . I'll be down next month for two weeks to start practicing. This is my third visit of the year and this is just the next thing on my list of things to learn before my move down. I look forward to any guidance you can give me. Thanks
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Re: Rum!!! - 11/06/12 08:28 PM

When you arrive go to the incoming Duty Free store located where you get your luggage. You can buy 4 big bottles of Jack for $20 US each and if you are traveling with another adult, they can buy 4 bottles also.......8 big bottles of Jack should last for a while.........maybe grin
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Re: Rum!!! - 11/06/12 08:30 PM

Oh, the rum preference is Caribbean white or dark......a huge bottle only runs about $10 to $12 US. Super Buy on back street usually has very good prices on Caribbean.
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Re: Rum!!! - 11/06/12 08:47 PM

Wow, I always bring a Bottle of Jack in my suitcase and when I run out I drink beer. I had no clue that a big bottle was that cheap. That's good to know. Thanks for the rum answer too!!
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Re: Rum!!! - 11/06/12 09:02 PM

How much is Bacardi at the super market in San Pedro? Local rum?
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Re: Rum!!! - 11/06/12 09:13 PM

One Barrel has a unique flavor. I love it straight or with water. Was surprised to find it's also highly rated by some rum specialists.
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Re: Rum!!! - 11/06/12 10:29 PM

There really aren't that many options to choose from. Figure out if you like white, coconut, or dark rum, then try it from the two main brands - Travellers & Caribbean - to see which is your favorite.

Travellers' 1 Barrel is generally considered the best as a connoisseur's drink and is the one that wins awards. It is also the most expensive.
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Re: Rum!!! - 11/06/12 10:39 PM

Fenway I drink One Barrel usually while I'm in San Pedro. In the USA I drink Cruzan or Mount Gay. I prefer rums that are on the dark side. In addition all of these I mix with Ginger Ale. It may not sound right but others have tried this and like it.

I do not have a Champagne taste so take any of this advise with ice. wink

Nothing wrong with an occasional belikin beer either.
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