looking for the girls

Posted By: ERLISS

looking for the girls - 10/01/00 01:38 AM

Well, what a coincidence!! I, too, will be in San Pedro on Oct 6-11. I will be looking for the ladies down there, so I am sure I will run into you. What are the good bars on Friday and Saturdays?
Posted By: guzzler

Re: looking for the girls - 10/01/00 04:47 PM

Now thats a man for you, hurricane going on and he's looking for ladies. I'm not saying that is bad mind you, I guess it would be something to do during the storm
Posted By: sons

Re: looking for the girls - 10/01/00 04:58 PM

Every one is worried about family in Belize and you are looking for women. You should be ashamed. Didn't you know a category 4 hurricane in hitting Northern Belize and the Cayes right now!!
Posted By: Belize Mama

Re: looking for the girls - 10/01/00 04:59 PM

Guess you all must know this is NO JOKING MATTER. Try to be a little more sensitive.
People may lose their lives in this. If you have never been through a hurricane, you have no idea how scared you can be. These storms are no fun. I have been through 2 bad one here in Pensacola and one minor one while on AC a few years ago. At least here we have options as to where to go for shelter. San Pedro and the rest of the island is pretty darn well out of options.
FOR SHAME! Take this seriously.

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Posted By: Pat Collins Carpenter

Re: looking for the girls - 10/01/00 05:04 PM

I was just down there over the Labor Day weekend and beleive me there will not be an island left. We too have family there and are very worried. Hurricane Mitch took out every dock but one and all the sand on the beach then. Now its like much worse. The eye is right there and stationary and churning south some.
There won't be any bars there to pick up girls. Its not a paradise anymore.
They are comparing this to Andrew. and these poor people don't have the shelter like So Florida and look what happened then.
Its not good. I would like to get any info on evacuations.
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