Looking for Tulu

Posted By: Katy

Looking for Tulu - 10/03/00 02:40 AM

Looking for Tulu, Dive Master from
Coral Beach, has boat Janel. Hoping
his family is ok. Have everyone on
the island in our thoughts and prayers.
Posted By: HolleyinColorado

Re: Looking for Tulu - 10/03/00 06:38 PM

I also asked about Tulu and Renen Rodriguez from Estelles restaurant on the Hurricane board. No replies.....
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Looking for Tulu - 10/04/00 04:27 PM

Interested in finding out if Tulu is OK.
Posted By: al

Re: Looking for Tulu - 10/07/00 03:58 AM

I just got back from San Pedro and Tulu V. was my dive master. He and his family are ok. He did lose his boat, but you know Tulu, "there is more time in life" he says! Hope you receive this.
Posted By: TracyEiely

Re: Looking for Tulu - 10/10/00 09:36 PM

Tulu and family are doing O.K. there home got a few damages but could be fixed. His daughter Kristy is helping me answering you right know and want to thank you for your consern. You can e-mail her @ [email protected] thanks
Posted By: Sandshaker

Re: Looking for Tulu - 10/10/00 10:12 PM

LMAO...sorry, just had to laugh at Kristy's email addy!
That's what I felt like a couple days ago....a Diabolical Bitch...hehehe
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