Linda and Cliff Kirk

Posted By: David Culpepper

Linda and Cliff Kirk - 10/03/00 09:39 AM

Linda and Cliff are safe and well. They have some damage. They need someone from San Pedro to see about them as they are stranded at their home on the West side of the island as they lost their boats in the storm. Their phone was working on Monday but only incoming calls, cannot call out.
Posted By: ranger

Re: Linda and Cliff Kirk - 10/03/00 09:53 AM

my wife and I met Linda and Cliff when we were looking at property near them.They were nice enough to show us there home And aswer any questions we had.We have been worried sick about them and everyone else we met while we wwere there.So glad to here they are ok!
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Posted By: Marty

Re: Linda and Cliff Kirk - 10/04/00 07:29 AM

what are their last names, is it a resort or a home? does it have a name?

where is their place?

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Posted By: ranger

Re: Linda and Cliff Kirk - 10/04/00 08:24 AM

when I first saw Mr Culpeppers posting it was yesterday at3 am.I recognised the names and thought it should go on hurricane board so I put what info I knew on there and periodicly through the day sent it to the top of board. It never got any response.These people have a very solid house and are quit self sufficiant with solar, batteries & generator.If they are ok then they will be for awhile just shouldn't forget about them.This is what I know about them and it's on the other board too.I believe there house is on the west side in Caribbean Coves 10 to 15 min from boat yard.There names are Cliff and Linda kirk.Susan Boyd from Carona Del Mar took us out there so she would know the exact location.They may be on someones list to check but since they have no boats someone will have to. Search Cliff and linda kirkl on hurricne board I spelled there name wrong like I do everything else.
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