it was once a good thing

Posted By: alony

it was once a good thing - 10/03/00 11:55 PM

I am Belizean living on the other side of the world, (not by choice). I found this sight saturday night when I, just as many others were scratching for whatever info we could hang our hopes onto. I thought that I had found the replacement for those trusty old HAM operators, but quickly I had to give up. This message board has become trash. It is amazing that in times like this some of us have nothing better to do that to clutter up a perfectly good communication tool like this board.

It would be great if someone took some responsibility and clear the garbage off.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: it was once a good thing - 10/03/00 11:56 PM

if you took the time to really read this board you would see that marty often tells you where to look for true information. these people obviously feel the need to vent.
Posted By: alony

Re: it was once a good thing - 10/04/00 12:11 AM

It is just a bit much having to read all the trash. For that I can watch the local news.
Posted By: Sandcrab

Re: it was once a good thing - 10/04/00 01:30 AM

Alony...Don't go away. We hope you will continue to use this board with confidence. Certain people who have tried to trash this message board in the past have come back to cause any trouble they can during this time of anguish. They are "crazies" who have no business insulting, flaming, or deliberately posting messages to inflame people.

Marty is the chief nerd, administrator, and owner of this board. He has made gigantic and noble efforts to assist and aid every person he can in this terrible time as he did in 1998 during "Mitch". He obviously has had little time for sleep and relaxation during the past days and nights so he will probably not have had time to deal with the posts you described.

He appointed some others to the post of administrator to assist whenever they noticed that the "crazies" had returned. I am one of those people and anyone with the title "cap'n" is an administrator. I have been watching and reading the messages and have seen the nastiness showing it's ugly face.

This board is here for the benefit of all the people of Ambergris Caye and the many potential visitors who need questions answered in an adult and civilized way. It has always been straight up and most helpful with the assistance of some pretty great regular contributors.

The offensive posts that insult, flame, curse, are racist, etc. are being deleted and will not be tolerated. They do no good for anyone, and only serve to foster hatred. The board is for anyone who wishes to post in a polite and civil manner.

I hope Marty agrees with this post and please everyone continue to use the board in the spirit in which it was created. Thanks for being here.

Posted By: chicke

Re: it was once a good thing - 10/04/00 07:11 PM

Well said. This board serves as a lifeline at the present time. Not for trash. Go play elsewhere. Thankkxxss.
Posted By: Sunkissed

Re: it was once a good thing - 10/05/00 06:44 PM

We know and appreciate everything that you "Capn's" have been doing. And end the end hopefully we can get this board back to it's normal self. You won't lose any of us true boarders. Looking forward to when we can log on and everyone is pleasant again.

Hip Hip Huray for our CAPN'S! You're Awesome!
Posted By: Jericco

Re: it was once a good thing - 10/05/00 06:50 PM

I am a "newbie" on this board and have been blown away by the heroic efforts of Marty and everyone else pitching in. It is no wonder so many of us US people flock to Belize and love the people. From someone very far away, in Maine, we are thinking of you and wish all the best.
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