Posted By: PeteinCo

sandshaker1 - 10/04/00 11:25 PM

why has your profile been changed
Posted By: Chloe

Re: sandshaker1 - 10/04/00 11:30 PM

Oh my! You are correct, the email is not the last one she was using either. What's going on here?
Posted By: margarita

Re: sandshaker1 - 10/04/00 11:30 PM

PeteinCo - I was wondering the same.
I think there is an imposter here.
I would not believe Sandshaker1 because
Sandshaker would not need a new ID to log on.

Re: sandshaker1 - 10/04/00 11:37 PM

Marty's "buddy" may be back. In fact, there has been NO email for days. This really irritates the crap outta me. Thinking about this, there is NO way she could be back on line when no one else is.

Posted By: Erik

Re: sandshaker1 - 10/04/00 11:46 PM

After time has past, we should find the origin of these bogus posts and hunt this guy down.

Everytime we post on this forum, an ISP identifyer is placed in a file on the server. So it isn't impossible to locate
the fool.

Right now lets stick to helping Belizeans.
Later we can silently terminate the problem.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: sandshaker1 - 10/05/00 02:04 AM

dont know about you guys, but now i'm worried again. (breathing back in the sigh of relief from this afternoon). please, if anyone hears from ss, let us know.
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