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Posted By: Mary&Rob

Sports Bar - 03/29/13 02:03 AM

We will be staying in AC during the first part of the Masters Golf Tournament so TV coverage if any, will not start until mid afternoon in the US. Where would be the best place to watch the Masters while at the same time having a few drinks and snacks? Thanks!

Posted By: bobcat bill

Re: Sports Bar - 03/29/13 02:07 AM

Try Lola's across from Belize Bank
Posted By: BeBelize

Re: Sports Bar - 03/29/13 02:43 AM

Feliz, just north of the bridge at the Cloisters. Multiple flat-screens and super nice owners, Kevin and Heather Smith. Food, drinks, and sports!

Posted By: Mary&Rob

Re: Sports Bar - 03/29/13 06:20 PM

both places sound perfect - thanks to both of you!
Posted By: Scuba do

Re: Sports Bar - 03/29/13 06:43 PM

Actually you can watch the Masters anywhere there is a TV because it is on network , both these suggestions are good with Feliz having everything BeBelize wrote
Posted By: AverageJoes

Re: Sports Bar - 04/02/13 04:59 AM

Average Joe's wil have it + Ice cold beer ( cooler set to -4) and also the best chicken wings on the Island, or amazing Chili cheese dogs if you prefer.
Posted By: dawg

Re: Sports Bar - 04/02/13 11:38 PM

How about Cholo's? That has several TVs and the beer is cheap and Ruben makes great ceviche in the back as long as you understand that if he says it will be ready in ten minutes it may be an hour. LOL Dawg
Posted By: Feliz Bar & Gril

Re: Sports Bar - 04/06/13 04:44 AM

Mary and Rob we can accommodate you for just about any sporting event that you would like to watch while you are here.
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