Bridge Closing????

Posted By: BZ4me

Bridge Closing???? - 04/01/13 04:14 PM

Has there been any formal information released? How long will it be closed, will it be all or half closed for repairs, and what is the backup plan for getting around.
Posted By: Phil

Re: Bridge Closing???? - 04/01/13 04:28 PM

The BDF Air Wing are deploying their helicopter Division and will have an 0800 number for you to call when you want a pick up from your house dropping at Boca del Rio Park. To continue your journey Park n Ride bendy buses with a/c will take you on into town. Return flights departing on the twenty minutes past the hour from Boca del Rio Park.
Posted By: Johnhenry

Re: Bridge Closing???? - 04/01/13 04:49 PM

Understand that stretch limos -obviously with AC and in car movies on demand - will also be available from a rank next to the Park & Ride bendy bus stop.
Posted By: robvee

Re: Bridge Closing???? - 04/01/13 05:02 PM

I also understand that the really long stretched limo reaches the town from the park without having to be driven !!!
Posted By: klcman

Re: Bridge Closing???? - 04/01/13 11:30 PM

and JM's ultralights will also be available for nominal fees, piloted by 17 yr old Belizean females.
Posted By: robvee

Re: Bridge Closing???? - 04/01/13 11:41 PM

You can stay up longer with a 17yo !!!!
Posted By: klcman

Re: Bridge Closing???? - 04/02/13 12:30 AM

that's what she said.....
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