Stayed at Debbies Beach House

Posted By: IfOnlyICud

Stayed at Debbies Beach House - 04/05/13 06:48 PM

6 years ago we stayed at Debbies Beach House, (loved it) my question is.... the family that lived in the house behind it that caretakes Debbies Beach House.... they had children that my children became quite close to and played on a daily basis with them and there were tears all around on the day of departure (not what I expected when I was planning a vacation but very pleasent surprise). My question is does anyone out there know of this family? I have wondered so often how they are doing and did not get any information from them to stay in contact. Please if anyone knows of them please let me know.
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Re: Stayed at Debbies Beach House - 04/05/13 09:39 PM

I think you are referring to Nick and Debbie Barton's place. Ralph is their caretaker now. I think he has a young son, Nick checks this board often and might be able to tell you more.

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Re: Stayed at Debbies Beach House - 04/08/13 06:00 PM

Thks Surendra! As you say I do check this site fairly often while we are in Europe.

I am sad to have to report that things didn't work out with Victor as our caretaker and he, Rosa and the kids moved back to Benke in the west of Belize several years ago. We have stayed in pretty close touch with the eldest daughter Berenice who is just finishing a 2 year course at the University of Belize and has done well - she is an intelligent young lady!. We understand from her that her family are fine and the boys are also doing well in school.

We are delighted to hear you loved our house - as do we and we are looking forward to being back in a months time from a very chilly Europe!

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Re: Stayed at Debbies Beach House - 04/08/13 07:09 PM

So nice to hear! We loved staying at your house, such a convenient location, and so well designed. I brag about it to all of our friends lol so hope to stay there again.
Posted By: Nick Barton

Re: Stayed at Debbies Beach House - 04/16/13 11:13 AM

Thank you! We much enjoy being there too!
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