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Posted By: doggirl

Shore excursions - 04/10/13 07:30 PM

Does anyone know what shore excursions are available out of Belize city? We have a friend stopping there on a cruise this month. I know the time is short so what can you do on a cruise stop?
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Re: Shore excursions - 04/10/13 08:17 PM

Most cruise ships have the packages available and they can be arranged before they even get into port. That is probably the best choice because the cruise lines know how much time the ship is in port and they have excursion packages with guides who regularly do this specifically for ship passengers.

I do think they will be able to see ruins, maybe a zipline or cave trip, even a snorkel or dive trip. Surprisingly, they can do a few things. Whatever they do, have them go outside the city to experience the real beauty of the country.

When I mention my love of Belize and desire to move there to people whom I know have worked on cruise ships, they all wonder why and comment that Belize City is a S(#(hole of a place.

Unless, of course, you want to keep the beauty of the country a secret....then tell them to just tour the city. wink
Posted By: doggirl

Re: Shore excursions - 04/10/13 09:41 PM

I was at the hair salon just an hour ago and the topic of Belize came up. This woman who getting her hair done said, why in the hell would you want to go to Belize. So I asked her if she had been on a cruise and stopped in Belize City. Of course it was BC..

It's sad that its such a bad representation of the country, or maybe it's a blessing to some.
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Re: Shore excursions - 04/10/13 09:53 PM

As you say its such a pity they only see the countries a..hole , but intruth , people who go on cruise ships arent probably the adventurous type to go jungle trekking, tubing , caye hopping, ruins climbing etc If Tripadvisor is anything to go by theres thousands come here to AC and love it . I must admit i think of the Cayes as separate from the mainland . Let the mainland and BC get themselves sorted
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Re: Shore excursions - 04/11/13 04:46 AM

That perception of Belize by tourists on cruises is the most prevalent. Because I'm in the entertainment industry, all of the people I talked to that had been on ships were the kids that are dancers in the onboard entertainment. They hated Belize, especially when the cruises were weekly or biweekly. That's a lot of visits.
Posted By: Bear

Re: Shore excursions - 04/11/13 03:09 PM

I'm struck by the contrast of BC's reality vs the copy that TravelBelize puts up on its website...

Belize City

Belize City features a harmonious melting pot of ethnicities and is best known as the cultural and business epicenter of Belize, as well as a doorway for cruise passengers to the country’s endless offering of unique adventures. A tourist destination in itself, Belize City offers a colorful variety of cultural and historical centers, colonial architecture and great excursions. Enjoy eclectic shopping and dining, or mysterious archaeological tours and jungle river adventures in the rainforest.
...from a BTB domain.

All things considered is it any wonder there is a Cruise Village? Would that Belize City were as the TravelBelize describes it. The potential for its own unique version of St Thomas exists but the likelihood of that is pretty remote and Cruise Village is a hollow shell of that possibiliity.
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