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books - 10/09/00 02:59 AM

I understand that this subject doesn't fall into the realm of "physical needs" but if I had just had my home destroyed, etc., and THEN couldn't get my hands on reading material, I would go nuts! Books I know can get thru the international mails with no or very, very little duty imposed. I personally have a ton of books I could send down...some of them educational and a lot more pure trash but fun like Grisham, Sanders, etc. How did the librabry fair? Is this a good idea or just silly?
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Re: books - 10/09/00 04:53 AM

I guess it was silly.
Posted By: kimberly matson

Re: books - 10/09/00 05:00 AM

I don't think it is a silly idea. However, we should first make sure the library is intact and they can, indeed, shelve books. Perhaps someone there can fill us in when they have time (whenever that might be). Have also wondered about postal service and the lion's clinic. Hope we can get a report on these places when there is time. I know everyone is busy cleaning up and putting there lives back together.
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Re: books - 10/09/00 05:09 AM

kimberly...I wasn't really thinking about getting the library up and running again, if it isn't. I was only thinking of getting some entertainment for a while. Just hand them out and let everyone share. But you make very good points.
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Re: books - 10/09/00 05:22 AM was a silly idea. But if anyone would like some paperback books, let me know.

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