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Posted By: Roger in Hawaii

Island Academy - 10/09/00 09:09 PM


Can anyone tell me the status of Island Academy school? The extent of damage? Is the fall semester canceled? Please advise.

thank you
Posted By: papashine

Re: Island Academy - 10/16/00 05:11 PM

Hi Roger, the island academy is in fine shape, Jimmy and Jessica went back to classes today.
Posted By: SP Daily

Re: Island Academy - 10/16/00 09:08 PM

Papashine: Careful!... you're gonna give away your secret identity.
Posted By: Marty

Re: Island Academy - 10/16/00 10:32 PM

Hey Jesse, where you at? I been chasin you around for days..
Posted By: SP Daily

Re: Island Academy - 10/17/00 12:18 PM

I'm at Mike Silverias house in Clear Lake Shores, Texas... halfway between Houston and Galveston. Very nice place, esp. to us boatlovers. I'm thinking of returning to Ambergris Caye around Nov.1st. Email me at "[email protected]"
Posted By: Roger in Hawaii

Re: Island Academy - 10/17/00 08:28 PM

Aloha Papashine,

and Mahalo for your posting. I spoke with Susan today and she and Julien will be back in San Pedro, Sunday the 22nd. Julien will be back at Island Academy Monday the 23rd he really misses school and is very concerned about his buddies in San Pedro and his home.

Thanks again for good news.

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