welcome back, sandshaker!

Posted By: Anonymous

welcome back, sandshaker! - 10/12/00 01:49 AM

nice to have you back. just wanted to say so. hows the house, family, cats, business, resort?? we're all dying for a report! XXOO
Posted By: Gary

Re: welcome back, sandshaker! - 10/12/00 02:48 AM

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Posted By: Sandshaker

Re: welcome back, sandshaker! - 10/12/00 02:59 AM

Great to be back! [Linked Image] All are fine....thank God. I feel guilty....I was very fortunate and have so much when others have so little now. Thanks for all your support and prayers!
Love you all!

and Gary...stop winkin' at me...LOL [Linked Image]
Posted By: ByronV

Re: welcome back, sandshaker! - 10/12/00 09:17 PM

Sandshaker; I'm still new to the board but am glad to see your back.

My thoughts and prayers were/are with you and everyone in AC.
Posted By: Suzan

Re: welcome back, sandshaker! - 10/13/00 02:18 AM

There were a lot of people who were very vocal in their pleas for someone to find you, Sandshaker. But for all those 'vocal' ones, there were 100 times more who were silently and constantly monitoring the board and keeping good thoughts for you. I think we have all been awed by the power of the Internet through all of this. Not only does it create instant communities of people with similar interests and concerns, but it gives everyone a vehicle to find critical, up-to-date information, express themsleves - both positively and negatively - and pull together from all corners of the globe to quickly get help and supplies where they are needed. Thank you for your recent reports, and for helping out of the front lines with medical aid. And thanks to Marty for his tireless efforts to keep the lines of communications open. It really is a remarkable time in which we live.
Posted By: Suzan

Re: welcome back, sandshaker! - 10/13/00 02:25 AM

Dang. With all my waxing poetic about the power of communication, I keep forgetting to add those smiley faces to my posts.
Posted By: Sandshaker

Re: welcome back, sandshaker! - 10/13/00 02:29 AM

Suzan..thanks.....I'm overwhelmed by all the good wishes and prayers. Now I understand why I was so fortunate and remained unharmed.

Yes the internet IS a wonderful tool...bridging the gap between countries and families all over the world.

It amazed me how quickly Marty was able to gather up to the minute satellite them to the site...and Viola'...I could see them here. How's that for speed. It was great!

I can't say thanks enough to all who helped and prayed and kept vigil over this board.
A really good bunch of folks! [Linked Image]
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