Lighthouse Beer

Posted By: Inplub

Lighthouse Beer - 05/27/13 06:42 PM

Can anyone tell me when the change was.

"The green bottle was Charger Beer in 1976", when did it change to Lighthouse?
Posted By: Johnhenry

Re: Lighthouse Beer - 05/27/13 08:00 PM

Your question got me interested so I searched the Internet. This revealed that Charger beer was launched in the early 1970s by brothers Arturo and Orlando Matus.The beer competed for a while with Belikin until an acute shortage of bottles (and a high cost of replacing them) 'forced' the brothers out of business.

According to the Belikin website ( Lighthouse was introduced much,much later. It does not suggest a name change took place ie Charger to Lighthouse.
Posted By: Inplub

Re: Lighthouse Beer - 05/27/13 08:19 PM

WOW thank you I will pass this on.
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