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LAND CERTIFICATES - 05/30/13 06:26 PM

does anyone have imformation on the there being a new law out there that i need to recertificate my deed for a parcel i have owned since 2005. i have never received any notice of this law.actually its like pulling teeth just getting a tax bill each year.
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Re: LAND CERTIFICATES - 05/30/13 06:36 PM

Ask Amanda at Sunrise Reality she should be able to answer your question.
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Re: LAND CERTIFICATES - 05/30/13 06:37 PM

Or any Real Estate office on the Island for that matter.
Posted By: Diane Campbell

Re: LAND CERTIFICATES - 05/30/13 06:41 PM

It's been some time since most of the island was declared a "Compulsory Registration" area. It's an improved method of tracking titles and a good move overall.
If your property is on Ambergris Caye you may have already taken title under this system and have no need to change anything.
If on the other hand your property was not part of the registration area in 2005 (depends on where your parcel is), you will need to go through the first registration process. It takes a bit of time to do this but it is neither complex nor expensive.
Suggest that you contact a qualified paralegal or attorney, send along a scan of your title document and let them inform you as to whether the existing document is already updated. If it is not, then hire them and get it done.

You cannot transfer title to the property to another party without having the updated title document so it is of some importance to get the registration done.

For those who wish to be informed of new laws in Belize as they are passed you can subscribe to a government gazette - it's a lot of reading but you can certainly keep informed that way. If your interest is primarily about your property and not a host of other legal items, then probably an annual call to your realtor would be sufficient to keep you abreast of items of interest related to your parcel of land.

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Re: LAND CERTIFICATES - 05/30/13 06:45 PM

Also -about property taxes - again assuming your property is on Ambergris Caye --- call Daniela at the SP Town Board - 011-501-226-2198.
She can (and will )e-mail you your tax bill. She is very responsive and helpful.
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Re: LAND CERTIFICATES - 05/30/13 06:48 PM

The Tax department in San Pedro needs fixing apparently. I have been emailing them for a month to get info on paying taxes, how to, etc. Not one answer from them.
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Re: LAND CERTIFICATES - 05/30/13 09:24 PM

Go to ..follow the advice carefully and you will avoid being double billed and all the inconvenience that entails.

larrypied, if you're not based on the island then read the 2nd post. Service is free.
Posted By: Amanda Syme

Re: LAND CERTIFICATES - 05/31/13 12:36 PM

Rectifying an issue with your land certificate or deed is not the same as re-registering your title because of compulsory registration.

Most attorney and paralegals do not take on first registration work these days as the process has become arduous and the time involved now can be months rather than weeks. Furthermore many land owners are required to have their property resurveyed which adds more time and cost to the process.
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Re: LAND CERTIFICATES - 06/04/13 09:34 PM

thank you all for your great advice, sounds like i might have already complied with the law in 2005. still i will chk that. thanks again, very helpful.
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