Posted By: dave in phoenix

curfew - 10/20/00 03:49 PM

any idea when curfew will be lifted?


Posted By: Chloe

Re: curfew - 10/20/00 04:47 PM

When the power is restored to light the streets, and homes.
Posted By: orionhunter

Re: curfew - 10/20/00 04:55 PM

Where ya been Dave??? Ya talking about the early, early curfew, or the newer 10:30 curfew ? (see hurricane posts 10/19) You are leaving pretty soon right? Wanna sing in the streets with me???LOL 6 days and counting!!!
Posted By: Bluecuracao

Re: curfew - 10/20/00 06:13 PM

Where are you staying? I can't remember?
Posted By: Marty

Re: curfew - 10/20/00 07:35 PM

3 responses:

I checked on this and from the folks at Lily's it seems they haven't seen
actual patrols out after 10:30pm on the beach to enforce the curfew, but
Lily's restaurant is open and is right next to the Princess so they can
on over to spend some time there after the curfew is in force if they're
not ready to turn in..

have to be off the street by 10:30 PM but can stay on their verandahs
drink and party. They can't be on the street. I spoke w/Shiela and she
been told that NEMO would be gone by today and that maybe the curfew
be completely lifted. She's checking on that will let me know later
We still have a week to go.
10:30 PM curfew is in effect currently. We are hoping to get street lights
this week so that it can be lifted. Sitting in front of their hotel will not
be a problem as the hotels have private watchmen.

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Posted By: orionhunter

Re: curfew - 10/20/00 10:50 PM

Bluecuracao---We'll be at Coconuts from 25th to 29th, then Paradise Villas from the 30th to Nov.3. Are you going to be in AC during that time?
Posted By: Bluecuracao

Re: curfew - 10/21/00 12:36 AM

Have you checked to see if Coconuts will have power in 4 days? We were going the 28th and staying just two doors from Coconuts but as of this am they had no power. Adventure is terrific and we have certainly had our share, but several days without a warm shower makes my "child bride" a bit grumpy. (We've stayed at Coconuts several times over the years and if I had my way I'd be with you)

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Posted By: dave in phoenix

Re: curfew - 10/21/00 03:20 AM

hello orion.

damn..looks like i'll have to continue what you started in the streets! we are arriving on the 3rd and leaving on the 12th. will be ataying at coconuts. by chance are you looking for property when you go down? if, so let me know.. hopefully we are going to be able to hook up with jesse. he said he was going to be back by the 1st. pls email me at [email protected] if you've got any comments on buying on ac. they would be much appreciated. if not, have a great trip!!

dave in phoenix

p.s. also include a list of songs that you'd like me to continue with..:-)
Posted By: orionhunter

Re: curfew - 10/21/00 03:28 AM

Bluecuracao--David e-mailed me today, but didn't say anything about NOT having electric. It's my understanding that right now, power gets disconnected every now and then, so they can fix other lines. I sacrificed a chicken in the driveway today--so I'm assured there will be electricity when we arrive! My JUJU is WORKING!!! Give us a hollar when you get to AC and we'll all get togther and toss back a few. We'll be registered under Puckett.
Posted By: orionhunter

Re: curfew - 10/21/00 03:39 AM

Davein phoenix--We don't leave AC until afternoon on the 3rd---so if you get in early we'll be at Paradise Villas. Yes, the main reason we are going is to see property--that's why we ar staying at Coconuts the first days--figure we will be too busy to use a pool or anything. What are you interested in??
As to songs:
1) La Isla Bonita
2) Have A Drink On Me
3) Barnacle Bill The Sailor
4) Anything by Bob Marley
5) All sentimental sloppy Irish Ballards
By the way--you were the one bidding against me on sky auction--weren't you????
Posted By: dave in phoenix

Re: curfew - 10/21/00 04:11 AM


your the reason i paid too much for my tickets!! damn!

dave in phoenix

p.s. what about buffet (jimmy..not warren).
i know his songs by heart! :-)
Posted By: orionhunter

Re: curfew - 10/21/00 05:39 AM

Ya??? Well...I just knew when to quit!!! Got my tickets cheaper somewhere else anyway.
Please--no Jimmy Buffet---cats will cry and the dogs will wail!!! Now I'm going to have every Country music lover hot on my freshly waxed cheeks!!!
Posted By: chicke

Re: curfew - 10/21/00 05:45 AM

Better keep them "fresh buns" under cover, freshly waxed skin sunburns very quickly. Hate to have to give you the nickname Lobster Butt!
Posted By: hunter

Re: curfew - 10/21/00 05:55 AM

Property??? Where? In town? Might be hard to get around to see outlying areas. Just exactly what are you looking for?
Posted By: Chloe

Re: curfew - 10/21/00 06:10 AM

Personally I think it will be an excellent time to look at property. Many things will be more than obvious. Water front property can be reached by boat.
Posted By: SP Daily

Re: curfew - 10/21/00 12:59 PM

Maybe we could do a group tour of real estate up and down the coast? I can arrange for a boat and well stocked ice chest. You bring the music. What day is best?

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Posted By: Chloe

Re: curfew - 10/21/00 02:56 PM

Great approach Jesse.
Note, these are the guys that are going to sing. That ice chest may be all the accompaniment needed.
Posted By: dave in phoenix

Re: curfew - 10/21/00 07:47 PM


sounds like a deal. my only concern is a possible shortage of beer since orionhunter will be there before my visit!! is the brewery up and running??? god, i hope so!

pls advise

dave in phoenix
Posted By: SP Daily

Re: curfew - 10/21/00 08:01 PM

NO PROBLEM!!! There are ways to get beer no matter what...
Posted By: orionhunter

Re: curfew - 10/22/00 01:45 AM

Jesse---I am READY for the group tour---where do you want to meet? Understand you will be back in Ac Nov.1.
You don't mind off key singing do you??? Of course, it gets better after a few beers!!!LOL
Posted By: orionhunter

Re: curfew - 10/22/00 01:50 AM

Dave---if you are that worried that I am going to slop up all the beer on the island before you get there--then pick up a couple bottles of "cane juice" at the airport.
Actually...I will leave exactly 2 six-packs...but they will be carefully hidden. You can pick up the clues on how to find them from'll be like a scavenger hunt!!!!!
Posted By: SP Daily

Re: curfew - 10/22/00 02:00 AM

I just hope we don't all get arrested for bad singing...
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: curfew - 10/22/00 03:55 PM

take note, orion dear, the airport duty free is for outward bound passengers only. it is like 2x the price (ouch, [Linked Image] $8 US) at the grocery store in town, but you can get the juega de pina right there too.
i sang all by myself on the beach. i chose bow-wow-wow's "i want candy". the only one embarrassed was my husband...
Posted By: dave in phoenix

Re: curfew - 10/22/00 04:36 PM


you are very thoughtful! only thing you may want to reconsider is the amount of beer you'll be hiding. obviously, i'll have to split the "treasure" with jesse. would you consider increasing the quantities??

dave in phoenix


you may want to consider a would be relatively easy to hide and you wouldn't have to worry about any bottles breaking..

whatever you decide...please make sure that it is iced down properly (36-38 degrees farenheit)..thanks
Posted By: SP Daily

Re: curfew - 10/22/00 05:44 PM

You need not save any beer for me. My new post-hospital reqimen is strictly red wine... health food! Here in Houston they sell a gallon jug of "Paisano" for less than $10 and it's got a whole bunch of fun inside!
I will help hunt for your beer however. A kegger would be nice...

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Posted By: SP Daily

Re: curfew - 10/23/00 01:59 PM

If you want to be in on the sipalong-singalong boat tour please email me with your real names, dates of visit, and hotel so I can find you. I'll be there on the 1st of Nov. but if the phones are still out I may need to hunt you down in person.
[email protected]
Posted By: Bluecuracao

Re: curfew - 10/23/00 02:21 PM

Spoke with the island yesterday. There may be power to the BZ Yacht Club and south by the middle to end of the week. North of the cut is another matter entirely. Most of the smaller resorts south are running on generator power, which, though not ideal, should be sufficient for necessities. Those little electric water heaters will gobble it up pretty quick, but the water from WASA is pretty warm to begin with, and not too bad right from the tap for showering. Don't drink it! It tastes like Clorox, get bottled water in town.

We have scrubbed our 28th trip, and are just waiting for the holidays. Can't wait to hear what you have found.
Posted By: Beach Bum

Re: curfew - 10/23/00 04:27 PM

posted 10-21-2000 01:01 PM

NO PROBLEM!!! There are ways to get beer no matter what...

[Linked Image]

are there fights for the beer?

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Posted By: Debbie

Re: curfew - 10/23/00 04:47 PM

Beach Bum,
I LOVE IT!!! that is so cute!!!! Perfect....
Hate to think that there are fights for beer..... Most are friendly and willing to share..... Have one for me!
Posted By: SP Daily

Re: curfew - 10/24/00 07:02 PM

Any fights usually happen AFTER the beer... and sometimes involve machetes! But not on Ambergris Caye. We're too civilized for that!
Posted By: dave in phoenix

Re: curfew - 10/24/00 09:14 PM


what do we need to do to catch the flight over from belize city to ac when we arrive on the 3rd. do we need to book in advance or what?

Posted By: SP Daily

Re: curfew - 10/24/00 09:28 PM

Before Keith I would have told you to just arrive and take the next Tropic or Maya flight, but now with a potential shortage of commuter planes it might be best to make reservations.
Posted By: dave in phoenix

Re: curfew - 10/24/00 11:15 PM


can I make reservations online?
could you give me their websites or phone #s??
('re going to find me a piece of property right? just think..someday you can use me for a testimonial on your website about the superb service i received)

[Linked Image]
dave in phoenix
Posted By: SP Daily

Re: curfew - 10/24/00 11:38 PM

Trouble is, I'm in Texas without my info directory and computer files.
Sandshaker: Help!!
Posted By: Sandshaker

Re: curfew - 10/25/00 12:12 AM

What do you need want phone #'s or flight schedules. Just let me know.
Posted By: SP Daily

Re: curfew - 10/25/00 12:15 AM

See above: Dave needs to make reservations on Tropic or Maya. Please post email addresses and/or phone numbers. Thanks.
Posted By: Sandshaker

Re: curfew - 10/25/00 12:35 AM

Here are their web has all the info on it. Schedules, phone #'s and emails.
Posted By: dave in phoenix

Re: curfew - 10/25/00 12:55 AM

sandshaker and jesse,

thanks [Linked Image] both of you are "all world"

dave in phoenix

p.s. here's a symbolic representation of the reward which i'll bestow upon each of you at my time of arrival!

[Linked Image]

o.k. jesse.. i know you've sworn off beer and now drink red wine...but i couldn't find the image! think of the symbolism [Linked Image]
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