Helping hands- Restoring the beach

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Helping hands- Restoring the beach - 06/19/13 11:39 AM

The San Pedro Town Council is working to restore the beach of Ambergris Caye following the passage of Tropical Depression II which moved across Belize on Monday June 17th. While the island and the country was spared from the worst, Ambergris Caye was battered with the rains, wind and the waves which certainly did roll in its fair of debris that washed along the shore lines.

Yesterday, Guerrero announced that he would need all hands on deck to clean the beach after the storm. Since early, beachfront residents were out cleaning up the debris and other stuff that washed up on beach. Joining in the cleaning was a group of 49 travelling from Raleigh, North Carolina USA who are on the island doing missionary work at the Holy Cross Anglican School. The group comprising mostly of high school students accompanied by nine adults joined workers with rakes and wheelbarrows to clean up the debris left behind by the storm.

Speaking to The San Pedro Sun group leader Liz Stroff said that while on the island, they saw the notice sent out by The San Pedro Town Council for volunteers to assist in work to restore the island after the storm. “We are on the island and are currently doing volunteer work at Holy Cross Anglican School. We saw that the council was in need of volunteers and since the school is closed because of the storm, we decided to bring the group out to help along the beach. Our original goal was to come and volunteer so it wasn’t a difficult thing to redirect our efforts to cleaning up the beach. We are happy that we are able to assist the island in recovering from the storm. We have a beach and we know what it is after a storm and what it brings up on the beach so we can relate to the island,” said Stroff. “We are happy and sincerely grateful to the group from Carolina who came out to assist us in the beach clean up,” said Guerrero.

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In the old days the church bell would ring and a work party would assemble to do what needed doing ...... looks like Danny has re-rung that bell. Great work, super spirit.
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Excellent work by the kids from my hometown of Raleigh, NC! Good peeps there! grin

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