Posted By: klcman

BUYBELIZE.COM - 06/25/13 10:36 PM

Just saw this ad on a US national news program:

Voiceover reminded me of a "Lose 20 Pounds Fast" con man. smile

Posted By: artisan

Re: BUYBELIZE.COM - 06/26/13 12:06 AM

This has been on major networks for months, CNN, FOX.
Heard it was funded by Placencia money?
never believe anything I hear in BZ for sure!
Posted By: seashell

Re: BUYBELIZE.COM - 06/26/13 09:23 AM

That made me feel icky.

Though I did get a kick out of how Todd took Sandy to her hotel, then out to dinner and then picked her up again in the morning. wink wink nudge nudge
Posted By: Diane Campbell

Re: BUYBELIZE.COM - 06/26/13 10:38 AM

Negative/sensationalist sales pitch, really bad grammar, nice photos (although at least one prominently featured picture is not in Belize at all ...)

Posted By: elbert

Re: BUYBELIZE.COM - 06/26/13 12:56 PM

agree, even resort hotels here on the island run photos of the South Pacific in their advertisements, unknowledgeable ad people and clients are the same. It's embarrassing to us all.
I think the tourist divers know better and it discredits the location.
Posted By: t42

Re: BUYBELIZE.COM - 06/26/13 12:58 PM

I think it is sponsored by Sanctuary Bay but don't quote me on it.
Posted By: ckocian

Re: BUYBELIZE.COM - 06/26/13 01:58 PM

The current name of that development is Sanctuary Belize.
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