AC vs CC

Posted By: IfOnlyICud

AC vs CC - 06/26/13 09:08 PM

I am not wanting to start anything but I was wondering if I could get an honest opinion on the differences between the two islands? I have been fortunate to have been to AC and loved it, I only got to see CC briefly as we stopped by on the ferry to AC. I have considered a trip to CC and I am realy just hoping to hear some honest feed back as to comparison of the two islands. Thanks.
Posted By: Laura G

Re: AC vs CC - 06/26/13 11:24 PM

They are both neat places in their own right, but they are very different. CC is smaller and MUCH more laid back. If you're looking to hang out on the beach, dive, fish, and relax but not do much else, then CC is the place for you. AC is larger and has more going on. It just depends what kind of vacation you're looking for.
Posted By: elbert

Re: AC vs CC - 06/26/13 11:26 PM

Hummm I would say Caye Caulker is less expensive and has more European tourist, more backpackers and overall a smaller island.
Ambergris Caye has nicer resorts and more choices of restaurants.
More secluded spots and resorts off the grid.
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