colored glass bottles

Posted By: ScubaLdy

colored glass bottles - 07/28/13 02:22 AM

I need some colored glass bottles for a project. I especially need some blue and (hope against hope) red or yellow. I have some light green but could use some dark green. Anybody have some?
Posted By: Mary1220

Re: colored glass bottles - 07/28/13 01:19 PM

I would think that would be hard to come by in BZ? I can't think of anywhere I have seen colored glass? Unless people have some old makeup bottles?
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Re: colored glass bottles - 07/28/13 02:11 PM

Skyy Vodka bottles are cobalt blue. Check with Fido's or any bar that serves top shelf liquor.
Posted By: ScubaLdy

Re: colored glass bottles - 07/28/13 04:49 PM

Mary - you made me laugh; I never thought of anything BUT liquor bottles. Skyy bottles would be perfect.
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