Health Officials Monitoring Dengue Cases

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Health Officials Monitoring Dengue Cases - 08/23/13 11:05 AM

Ambergris Today spoke with the Medical Director of the Dr. Otto Rodriguez Poly Clinic II, Dr. Jerry Lanza who confirmed that indeed there is an outbreak of Dengue in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. Although the mosquito carrier for dengue has not been officially confirmed on the island, there have been confirmed cases of dengue on the island.

“We have been dealing with several cases of patients coming into the clinic with symptoms of dengue and they are being treated,” stated Dr. Lanza. “Although I cannot confirm to you in figures as to how many patients are positive, I can affirm that there is an outbreak here on the island.”

Dr. Lanza stated that they are currently performing inspections in residential areas and fumigations are also taking place. He also advises everyone to clean their houses, properties and to destroy or eliminate stagnant water or any possible place where the mosquito can reproduce itself.

The public is also encouraged to take every precaution including the following:

1. Seek immediate medical attention if you experience a high fever and any of the following symptoms: headache, pain behind the eyes (retro-orbital pain), joint and muscle pain, and rash.

2. Do not take any medication that contains Aspirin, and drink lots of liquids;

3. Use insect repellent to prevent mosquito bites;

4. Ensure your home is properly screened;

5. Keep house windows open whenever the Ministry of Health is conducting spraying activities in order for insecticide to reach mosquitoes inside the home.

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