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FIRE FIGHTING - 08/28/13 10:49 AM

Defending your home and property from fire:


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Re: FIRE FIGHTING - 08/28/13 11:01 AM

I'm sure Ramons wished they had a few of these babies!
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Re: FIRE FIGHTING - 08/28/13 11:13 AM

When I read about the problem of water-pressure from hydrants I felt sick ..... these stand-alone systems really work and can use water from sea or pool or cisterns. The only caveat is that they can be a little tricky to prime and you need to be very strong to hold a fire hose with that kind pressure - I've seen them in action and they DO work if you use them as instructed.
(PS - my avatar is a sunset, not a fire)
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Re: FIRE FIGHTING - 08/28/13 11:20 AM

You also need to remember the suction of this machine. The inlet needs to float a little above the seabed if you are pumping from the ocean. Otherwise it will suck sand into it and clog the pump. I think I've seen one with a floatation ring for the nozzle inlet the prevents this.
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Resorts with swimming pools are able to use that water source easily without the complications of sea water ...... and it's a source of quite a lot of water, usually in a central area.

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Re: FIRE FIGHTING - 08/28/13 03:52 PM

For a resort, this is a very good product.,174,174.aspx
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Re: FIRE FIGHTING - 08/29/13 01:00 AM

Originally Posted by Diane Campbell
Defending your home and property from fire:


You are not going to put out much fire with this pump. Better off to buy a 150 gal per min 3" hard suction portable pump with a 1 1/2' hose.
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OH BOY...lets not let the place dry out before we try to make $$$$
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Who's making $$$?
Diane brought up a good product. There are a LOT of fire pumps available out there. I don't think she went into the fire equipment business this morning:)
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Hi Everybody - I am not selling these pumps. Unfortunately I'll bet the company is sold out with just the rural residential customers in California who realize they are under-prepared for a wildfire.
Some years ago I had the sickening experience of seeing a neighbor's house go up in flames. I asked for advice from professional fire-fighters. A senior fire-firghter in the NYFD recommended these products. We have purchased and used them.
My own sense is that none of us is really prepared for a fire. Guaranteed if you don't live in the town core the San Pedro Fire Department will not get to you in time to save your home.
It often takes a tragedy to remind us of what we should be doing all along ...... I guess I could have waited to post the info until later when nobody was concerned, but I choose to do so at a time when people were (hopefully) thinking --- "There but for the luck of the draw, it could have been my home that burned."
The products are not for sale in Belize. We ordered ours and had it shipped in.
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This certainly painfully demonstrates the need for planing and preparation for a catastrophe like this. I think it also begs the question of the wisdom of wood buildings with thatched roofs, over head power lines that are subject to the salt air environment and other considerations that could be put in place considering the circumstances that AC presents.
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A 3" pump would do well depending how far you are moving the water to the fire source. I suggest that you reach from your water source to the farthest point for firefighting. For any with these pumps I highly recommend that you familiarize yourself or have your employees train with these from time to time. Priming these pumps can be a little tricky, especially in a rush to extinguish a fire. It would be horrible to watch something go up in flames because no one could run the pump.
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Re: FIRE FIGHTING - 08/30/13 02:17 AM

My question is this...Over the years, has the SPFD ever been tasked to purchase,try and budget for, or raise the funds in a private manor, to purchase a pump suitable for extinguishing a fire like at Ramons?

On an island with only a small amount of fire hydrant coverage, but with sea/lagoon or pool water seemingly within less then a hundred yards from most anyplace..why hasn't this been discussed?

I know it has an IS being discussed on this board, but what about some of the island officials? I know the FD needs suitable barracks and vehicles...but why not such an obvious piece of equipment?

Not to mention anyone north or south are basically "hosed" with out a pump like this...unless 500 gallons of truck water is enough???

Sorry if my opinion is an ignorant one..or with out merit. But items costing MUCH more have been procured by the town board, or donated by some very kind and wealthy few, for the betterment of all island residents.

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Re: FIRE FIGHTING - 08/30/13 01:20 PM

I agree in part with you..the government here does not give enough funding to these depts.yes a few wealthy folks have made large donations for other items.
Like jumbotrons etc. we have a lot of wooden structers in Belize.
Few of them being schools...
Heaven forbid a school caught fire and fire truck pumps failed.
Your idea of an alternative is a valid one.
Perhaps the private sector can help in this area....
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Re: FIRE FIGHTING - 08/30/13 01:31 PM

My own experiences with local "firefighters" (term used very loosely) has been horrific.

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Re: FIRE FIGHTING - 08/30/13 03:53 PM

I had many discussions with the BTB, the former mayor and some business leaders about the lack of equipment and manpower for the SPFD.

Until someone more important than me speaks up, nothing will ever change. The island is not a sleepy little fishing village anymore.

A lack of fire suppression capabilities and EMS service will be a serious issue for years to come.IMHO

Just think if it was windy when Ramon's caught fire, or if a fire started downtown on a windy day.

The island's town board should take over the department, but that is another issue altogether.

The number one island tourist destination in the world should have better. The citizens and tourists deserve it.
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Re: FIRE FIGHTING - 08/30/13 05:18 PM

Well said and 100% right.
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