NAUI Certification

Posted By: Bayou to Belize

NAUI Certification - 08/30/13 02:04 AM

Anyone know where or if I can complete my NAUI Certification in San Pedro?
Posted By: tahunt

Re: NAUI Certification - 08/30/13 02:14 AM

Send Elbert a pm.. I am sure he will have your answer.
Posted By: J DOG

Re: NAUI Certification - 08/30/13 07:34 PM

Amigos Del Mar or just about any reputable Dive Shop in San Pedro can do this.
Posted By: Diver Damon

Re: NAUI Certification - 08/30/13 08:47 PM

You can go to any shop that instructs to do your checkout dives. Even if they're not a NAUI shop. Your certification will end up with whichever organization the shop/instructor is affiliated with. So, if you do your checkout dives with a PADI shop, you'll end up with a PADI certification.

I recommend Chuck and Robbie's Scuba. They're a PADI shop and as good as they come...
Posted By: seashell

Re: NAUI Certification - 08/30/13 10:41 PM

Bayou has taken NAUI training and my guess is he/she is not going to be satisfied with a PADI cert.
Posted By: elbert

Re: NAUI Certification - 08/30/13 11:46 PM

We respectfully complete the NAUI certifications through the Universal Referral Program.
If you have a Universal Referral form as part of your referral package from NAUI we can complete it for you,
and make it fun!
Posted By: ScubaLdy

Re: NAUI Certification - 08/31/13 01:00 AM

I really don't understand why anyone cares what initials are on your certification. Anyone remember that YMCA was among the first agencies?
My open water is SSI my advanced is PADI.
I think you choose the instructor that you trust and do what ever it is that they teach. After all, all dive shops around the world recognize them all.
Good luck.
Posted By: elbert

Re: NAUI Certification - 08/31/13 09:17 AM

Support is important. Some of the agencies haven't kept up over the years. PADI is up to the minute. Any or everything I need from a certification agency is right there. Forgetting you card at home or losing it is a good example. I can go on line in a minute and look it up or even have it be an app on your iphone, try that with YMCA.
Posted By: ScubaLdy

Re: NAUI Certification - 08/31/13 03:43 PM

I agree Elbert - I was just saying that with the few still issuing cards today a diver can crossover from one to another, AND PADI is the biggest and everything is on line.
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