Exotic Caye Beach Resort?

Posted By: joycej

Exotic Caye Beach Resort? - 11/29/00 05:39 AM

Hi all....been reading your message board all evening...very entertaining! Does anyone know anything about the above mentioned resort? Beach side? Lagoon side? North side? They have promised that due to raking the beach everyday....there will be no noseeums. Having met these lovelies in Roatan, don't know if I believe that!
Posted By: Richard Chambers

Re: Exotic Caye Beach Resort? - 11/29/00 05:00 PM

Stayed there prior to Keith. We stayed in the older Building , not the Condos. As we were gone most of the time we found it to be reasonable/cheap compared to the places close by. The condos are much nicer , and more expensive . Short walk to Cocconuts and Hideaway, even to town if you like to walk!
The staff was excellent and even partied with us. Cocconuts bar is excellent and so is Margie and David if they are still around!
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Re: Exotic Caye Beach Resort? - 11/29/00 09:54 PM

Yeah! The noseeums "Flying Teeth" on Roatan suck big time. Are there really noseeums on Ambergris Caye or other parts of Belize? We stayed at Captain Morgan's and walked along Beaches but no noseeums. We also spend some time on Half Moon Caye and Long Caye and also did not get noseeums bites. I am talking about the tiny once you can barly see. Can anyone please tell me if Belize has these things too.
Posted By: Suzan

Re: Exotic Caye Beach Resort? - 11/29/00 10:35 PM

We have found that the noseeums are virtually nonexistent on Ambergris Caye, and even the mosquitoes are not bad, but in other parts of out!
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Re: Exotic Caye Beach Resort? - 11/30/00 01:09 AM

This resort is what used to be called The Playador.....should still be able to see it in the lodging section on this site. [Linked Image]

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Re: Exotic Caye Beach Resort? - 11/30/00 01:22 AM

I don't know where Suzan was at, but, we have a place north of town and the mosquitoes can sometimes outnumber the grains of sand on the beach. Plus they have refueling numbers painted on their sides! This is usually only after a wet spell though or if the breeze stops! Just take your spray and baby oil and it won't make any difference.....unless you have to fight them over a rare steak for dinner!
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Re: Exotic Caye Beach Resort? - 11/30/00 04:26 AM

Thanks everyone....mosquitos I expect and even expect some noseeums, but it is always better to be sure rather than live in denial! I'll check out the website you suggest.

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Re: Exotic Caye Beach Resort? - 11/30/00 04:33 AM

Sandshaker....tried your suggestion, but the link/thumbnail took me no place, so guess they've taken it off the site. Thanks anyway.

Posted By: midnite lurker

Re: Exotic Caye Beach Resort? - 11/30/00 04:44 AM

Many (any) other resorts would be a much better choice.
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Re: Exotic Caye Beach Resort? - 11/30/00 01:37 PM

Joyce....that is an active link......just click on it. I'm looking at the page right now. Don't know why you can't pull it up.
Try again [Linked Image]
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Re: Exotic Caye Beach Resort? - 11/30/00 01:40 PM

Midnite Lurker.......if you are going to make comments like need to BACK-IT-UP with concrete reasons why.
Other is just YOUR opinion.

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Re: Exotic Caye Beach Resort? - 12/01/00 03:36 AM

OK...Sandshaker...all is working as it should tonite....just a hic-cup here in Old Mexico, I guess....thanks again....and as in anywhere you go, there are always better and worse is in the experience of the doer(?) Whatever that means!

Posted By: Lan Sluder/Belize First

Re: Exotic Caye Beach Resort? - 12/01/00 04:10 AM

No-see-ums or sand flies or sand fleas are fairly common in Belize. One of the worst areas is probably around Hopkins/Sittee Point, but they can be a nuisance on Caye Caulker, on quite a few of the remote cayes and on the Placencia peninsula and just south of there on the coast. But they can be bad almost anywhere there is sand or grassy areas near the water, when the wind isn't blowing.

I have never found them to be bad on Ambergris Caye, however.

They are bad in the Bay Islands of Honduras. But some of the worst I've ever seen are in coastal South Carolina and Georgia.

DEET helps some people. Others swear by Avon Skin So Soft or baby oil or other oil-based lotions which tends to drown them before they can bite you.

--Lan Sluder
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