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1000 post - 12/03/00 09:46 AM

Gilligan and
posted 12-03-2000 01:39 AM
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Re: 1000 post - 12/03/00 12:56 PM

Hmmmmm......not sure how to respond to this.
Explain Beach Bum?
I know it's really early and I'm half I must be missing something....LOL.
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Re: 1000 post - 12/03/00 05:25 PM

Actually it was 10,000th post on the board( I missed a zero) No Biggie-- Just a real nice round #.-- it had caught my attention after a night of libations, that ain't easy.

-- Hi--
SandCrab your also on the board as we write

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Re: 1000 post - 12/03/00 07:52 PM

LOL...*shaking head*....sorry.....I get it now....duh! [Linked Image]
I told you I was half asleep...LOL
Being blonde don't help either!

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