Need Name of Fish

Posted By: MangoMonkey

Need Name of Fish - 12/04/00 07:33 PM

What is the name of that very Colorful fish?
Posted By: Sandcrab

Re: Need Name of Fish - 12/04/00 08:44 PM

Mango...there are virtually hundreds of colourful fish on the reef. Just a few come to mind such as Parrot Fish, Clown Fish, Sergeant Major, Angelfish, Queen Angel, etc.

Not usually considered a reef fish but a very colourful game fish is the Dolphin fish (called Mahi-Mahi in Hawaii).


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Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Need Name of Fish - 12/04/00 09:27 PM

the two most colorful fish i know are triggerfish and parrotfish. however, i am far from an expert. anyone?
Posted By: Debbie

Re: Need Name of Fish - 12/05/00 12:21 AM

I vote for the Parrot fish. To me it may not be as vivid in hue as some others, but definately has more of a variety of rainbow colors!!! VERY multi-colored.
Posted By: MangoMonkey

Re: Need Name of Fish - 12/06/00 07:41 AM

Thought It was the Parrot Fish but not sure. So I'll consider that one. Thanks I knew it wasn't a dorado (dophin) or a trigger fish.
Thanks all.
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