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Posted By: KWood

Latest on AC for Web Article - 12/05/00 03:30 AM

I am writing an article on San Pedro for a travel website and would really appreciate the latest hurricane update info, including

business still closed?
dive shops open?
hurricane discounts?

The article will center on AC, but since most will fly into Belize City, are things back to 100? 80? percent there?

Any info will be most appreciated. Also, I will put contact info about relief fund if someone could provide the address.


Posted By: rickcheri

Re: Latest on AC for Web Article - 12/05/00 06:31 AM

the islands are doing fantastic!!!curfew lifted, electricity is good, maybe 90%...would say both islands are 90-100%. they did a fantastic job! we were there oct.28, and things were already looking good after such a natural disater.
Posted By: Dallas Dave

Re: Latest on AC for Web Article - 12/05/00 08:46 AM

The best way to write an article on a place is to visit it. How could you really know a situation authoratativly without a first hand view? Come see us, then write about us.
Posted By: Beach Bum

Re: Latest on AC for Web Article - 12/05/00 09:03 AM


Belize City was never REALLY AFFECTED.
AC is fine now. Any article you write should in no way discourage people from going. Virtually all the main hotels & resorts are back up.
The town is close to 100% (the parts that aren't tourists rarely see anyway).
Full facilities - and the people are friendlier then ever.

BTW- my life and income is not determined by AC tourism

Just be damn sure if you are going to write an article, and you are not there, you get it right!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not that there were "hurricane discounts"--
but on principle - one should decline them!!!
Posted By: Marty

Re: Latest on AC for Web Article - 12/06/00 06:02 AM

Might want to check current and back issues of the san pedro sun: , lots of into and details there and on this board....

basically, everything is great open, a little less vegetation, but come on down, the waters great....
Posted By: LB

Re: Latest on AC for Web Article - 12/06/00 06:21 AM

I agree with the above messages. I live in San Pedro, was here for Keith and the aftermath. Hotels, restaurants, gift shops, dive shops and snorkle tours are open for business. We have tourists arriving daily and having a great time. Just said goodbye today to visitors from the Arctic Circle! But you do need to visit to write a real report. Come on down, we'd love to see you!
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