Basil Jones & Condo Rental

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Basil Jones & Condo Rental - 12/05/00 04:00 PM

I will be traveling to Belize and I was wondering what the Basil Jones area of the island is like.

Also, any info and prices on available 1-2 bedroom condos near San Pedro would be great.

Re: Basil Jones & Condo Rental - 12/05/00 04:15 PM

I think the Basil Jones area is the prettiest part of the island.The isolated beaches are wide with lots of palm trees.The water is very clear and the reef is close to shore.Best of all no boat traffic.All you hear up there is the wind in the palms and the surf crashing on the reef.Good fishing, snorkling and beach combing.Check out for a good history of the Basil Jones area.In case you are wondering I own property up there so I spend most of my time there.It's isolated but that's what makes it special.Basil Jones area takes about a 40 minute boat ride to get there but worth the trip.

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Re: Basil Jones & Condo Rental - 12/05/00 05:52 PM

Seawings is right!....hey there Sea! [Linked Image]

There are some pictures of the area in this photo album:
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Re: Basil Jones & Condo Rental - 12/05/00 08:29 PM

Thanks Seawings. Tell me, what is the night life like in or around Basil Jones? Is it safe and easy to get transportation to and from San Pedro? Tell me more please!!

Re: Basil Jones & Condo Rental - 12/05/00 11:23 PM

Night Life??Just the stars and the critters.At this time there is no resort up there.Just a few homes.Late this month we will be staying at Casa Caribe which is several miles to the south.So we will just walk up to our property and spend the day.If you want to charter a boat to visit there from town may cost you $50 US.
Hi,Sandshaker!!See you Dec. 30.
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Re: Basil Jones & Condo Rental - 12/06/00 04:46 AM

Great pic's of the construction! Doesn't look like the storm had much affect on the plant life. Didn't get the opportunity to visit that far north on the Island last summer, but plan to do so this June. Will have to check in with you prior to the trip.
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Re: Basil Jones & Condo Rental - 12/06/00 04:51 AM

People are really buying this? At these prices?

Re: Basil Jones & Condo Rental - 12/06/00 05:19 AM

My property is a mile or so north from the Basil Jones Resort.Can't see it from my beach.The Basil Jones area covers several miles.The area I'm in is still very undeveloped.Check it out ............
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Re: Basil Jones & Condo Rental - 12/06/00 09:49 PM

ScubaLdy - Thanks for the insight --What prices are you refering to??

Is it hard to get to San Pedro from Basil Jones, & what is the preferred means of transportation?

I am interested in the Basil Jones Resort, but I also want to enjoy other parts of the island. Any suggestions??

Re: Basil Jones & Condo Rental - 12/07/00 12:49 AM

Boat is the ONLY means to get to the Basil Jones area from San Pedro.A 40 min senic boat ride for around $50 US.Basil Jones area is about 13 miles north of town.
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Re: Basil Jones & Condo Rental - 12/08/00 02:29 AM

Scubaldy.....I'll ask the same question....what prices are you referring to?? better stop by and see me when you get me before you come. I wont be back tillaround the 7th of Jan. Hope you'll still be here. [Linked Image]
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Re: Basil Jones & Condo Rental - 12/11/00 04:29 AM

Check outthe web site of White Sands Cove. It is about 2 mi. N of SP. It is very, very nice. It is walking distance to the Capricorn, Captain Morgans & a little bit further is the Journeys End. Also a short walk on the gold cart trail to Palapa Lapa. Water taxi goes right by on schedule or catch water taxi anytime you call. Can get pick up service from any of the dive, snorkel & fising outfits. They have a new swimming pool. Very private & away from the world. I spent 10 weeks there last year & going back in a couple of months.
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Re: Basil Jones & Condo Rental - 12/14/00 07:57 PM

Hit this link....about 1/4 of the way down from the top of the picture there appears to be a break in the reef and a relatively deep draft area of the lagoon that runs from reef to shore of this a correct observation and if so where is that little headland that is even with the lagoon relative to Basil there a name for that part of AC ?
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Re: Basil Jones & Condo Rental - 12/18/00 10:54 PM


That part with the deeper draft is called Robels Point. To the south is Basil Jones. The property for sale appears to be at what is called Rocky Point. Not sure just how deep it is though.

Nice pictue isn't it?
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Re: Basil Jones & Condo Rental - 12/19/00 03:47 AM

The pictures are wonderful - I recognize the green outhouse with the red roof. I thought this was on Turneffe Island.
When I was there last Jan. there was a stack of Conch shells at the waters edge and a handful or fishermen -- kinda looked like a camp -- and lots of wooden lobster pots. They were selling sun dried Barracuda and hands bull of fish eggs.
Are you saying that this piece of property is for sale?
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Re: Basil Jones & Condo Rental - 12/19/00 11:37 PM

Basil Jones, Robles Point and Rocky Point are a long way from Turneffe.

The Basil Jones cut is a deep one.....according to one of the dive guys at Excaliber Tours....about 60 feet in some places.

Still.....tricky to navigate though.
It doesnt stay deep once inside either.
The water is shallow in that area on the inside of the reef.

Not a bad spot for bonefishing......seen several Barracudas too.

I have been told by more than one local boat driver that there are a group of about 3 manatees that have been seen just on the inside of the reef near the cut.

One guy was actually diving and came face to face with one....scared him to death....wasnt expecting it.

I look everytime I go up there....but no luck seeing one as of yet.
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Re: Basil Jones & Condo Rental - 12/20/00 12:45 AM

A great ariel photo of Basil Jones cut...and the deep water that runs from reef to shore
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Re: Basil Jones & Condo Rental - 12/20/00 01:06 AM

And a close up of the previous photo and a little story....
In 1981 I sailed into Belize for the first time,in a 28 foot sailboat with a daggerboard that allowed when in the raised position to navigate in less than 3 feet of water. We sailed from the northern tip of the Yucatan peninsula south into San Pedro stopping at night by sailing through breaks in the reefs and anchoring in the lagoons behind.
We anchored in the Basil Jones deep water on our last night before San Pedro the next day.
This is all from memory so I was a little confused by the wide opening at Basil Jones because I vividly remember crossing at a very narrow opening that opened into a much larger deeper water area...the only area that size between Rocky Point and SP.
If you look at the top of the first photo you will also see in the second photo,the one in this link, a smaller break just north of the larger opening that feeds into a sand bottom channel that then leads to a large coral head and then the sandy channel makes a hard left turn before leading to the lagoon. This tiny break,sandy channel, is where we crossed over and I recall seeing the large coral head directly in our path just as we felt we'd safley crossed over the reef. Once inside and looking back to sea we could see the larger opening which is Basil Jones cut,but the next day upon leaving we exited as we entered. There is little room for error crossing in that manner and in those days no one near by to help,aground on the reef, you if needed. That whole coast was black at night with a only a couple of lighthouses the whole way...Loran was marginal that far south and GPS had not arrived yet...dead reckoning and good seamanship...

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Re: Basil Jones & Condo Rental - 12/20/00 07:16 PM

SBW! That must have been a wonderful adventure to sail down to Belize along the Yucatan Coast. Where did you start and how long did it take you? One of these days I would like to take a similar trip on a 30 foot motor cruiser. We don't have the boat yet but we will eventualy buy it. This is a big dream of mine. You should write a book about your sailing trip. I sure would love to read it.
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Re: Basil Jones & Condo Rental - 12/21/00 03:48 PM

I doubt if I will be writing a book but I wish this book had been written before my sail,it would have been helpful on my trip,however the adventure and discovery would have been missing if we were going by the can order it from Amazon or maybe West Marine still carries it...dream on !
Cruising Guide to Northwest Carribean
by Nigel Calder

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Re: Basil Jones & Condo Rental - 12/21/00 08:22 PM

Thanks for the book tip! I will try to find it.
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Re: Basil Jones & Condo Rental - 12/22/00 01:28 AM

I hear the beaches around the Basil Jones area are very nice and much better than around San Pedro. Can someone confirm this?
The Beach at Captain Morgan's was nice but when you try to walk into the water you sink into mud up to your knees if not deeper. Since we bought at the Basil Jones Resort we hope to have nice sand under our feet when we walk into the ocean for a swim.
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