Latest on Mata Chica?

Posted By: Mark Harden

Latest on Mata Chica? - 12/09/00 08:45 AM

My bride-to-be and I are headed to Mata Chica in early January. Has anyone laid eyeballs on the progress they're making on rebuilding? Also, any suggestions on cool things to see/do in and around SP/AC?
Posted By: Eva

Re: Latest on Mata Chica? - 12/09/00 07:26 PM

Hi There!!
My boyfriend and I just returned from a week at Mata Chica, and it was wonderful!!! Nadia and Phillipe, and the rest of the staff could not have been more accomodating, and kind. The place looks great, still doing some construction on the big villa in back, but we stayed in a beacfront casita, which was gorgeous. They are just finishing all the lights on the dock, (which we fished off every day and caught lots of fish and a beautiful squid!) Have no fear, you could go tomorrow and it would be wonderful!! We loved it so much we're going back in February. Have a terrific honeymoon!

Eva and Wayne
Posted By: Mark Harden

Re: Latest on Mata Chica? - 12/11/00 07:08 AM

Thank you SO much for your reassuring message!! Linda and I are so looking forward to our visit to Mata Chica.

Anyone else have any suggestions for cool things to do at AC?

Posted By: Mark Harden

Re: Latest on Mata Chica? - 12/13/00 08:25 AM

Anyone with tips on best snorkeling sites, best mainland tours (ruins, jungle, birds, wildlife etc.), best lunch places in town, etc.?
Posted By: Mark Harden

Re: Latest on Mata Chica? - 12/13/00 08:28 AM

Oh, and I forgot.... Any other recent Mata Chica experiences? We'll be stating in one of the beachfront casitas in mid-Jan.
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