dress code

Posted By: cpbaker

dress code - 12/10/00 12:12 AM

Will I have an occasion to wear an extremely casual dress at all next week?
Posted By: Dallas Dave

Re: dress code - 12/10/00 12:30 AM

I doubt it!
Posted By: Daemyon

Re: dress code - 12/10/00 01:49 AM

There is no dress code in San Pedro...but, it never hurts to look good!!!
Posted By: SP Daily

Re: dress code - 12/10/00 03:37 AM

No fashion police around here! You can wear anything you want... without comment.
Posted By: seashell

Re: dress code - 12/10/00 06:31 AM

I wear a dress or skirt just about every night. It makes me feel good. None of my outfits are particulary fancy. Last spring while having dinner at Fidos, I saw a woman wearing a very elegant white evening-style dress. While she looked fabulous it did seem a little out of place.
Posted By: MamaLiz

Re: dress code - 12/12/00 05:46 PM

Get your sweety to take you to Capricorn for dinner and you'll have the perfect occasion to wear that dress.
Posted By: ScubaLdy

Re: dress code - 12/12/00 09:40 PM

Baker: If you like dresses or skirts do take a couple. I like wearing light weight cotton crinkle shirts with tank top or Nice T in the evening. No clothing feels nicer, to me, than the tropical breeze blowing my semi long skirt around my legs. Looks sexy too.
Posted By: Debbie

Re: dress code - 12/12/00 10:42 PM

I'm more comfortable in a lightweight sundress myself. I wore them and didn't feel out of place at all. A simple cotton shift will fit right in. And ditto on the sexy. A yellow dress against a deep golden tan and the bottom billowing in the wind makes me feel like a goddess..... [Linked Image]
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