Posted By: joey2angels

HGTV - 03/12/14 09:49 PM

Anybody see the HGTV show? Hats off to the young lady and her work with animals but....

Watching her check out units was just a bit over the top.
She's not into water HELLO, doesn't like pools and kitchens hold no interest for her. She should just move into the dog a ton of money. Just saying...
Posted By: arklatex

Re: HGTV - 03/12/14 10:39 PM

Yes, I saw the HGTV show last night. Loved it! It sure showed some beautiful views of Ambergris Caye. I didn't want it to end. smile
Posted By: ScubaLdy

Re: HGTV - 03/13/14 03:33 AM

I almost changed channels last night then heard the word "Belize". I was shocked when Heather came on as it was my condo she bought. We were assured we would be notified when it was going to be shown.
I agree that she did a great job of supporting SAGA and the clips around town looked good. I especially liked when she talked about our 'friendly' dogs. ha ha ha.
I'm sorry I didn't know her budgeted amount - $350,000. LOL
She insisted on a May 5th closing although I wanted a June 1st. When I heard she was in town with a film crew I realized she probably had to sign a contract with HGTV by that date. I'm only sorry they didn't film the condo with my furniture, window dressings and pictures on the walls.
The final price was based on the unit being partially furnished so I moved my stuff out on May 5th
I'm very happy that Heather and her parents have the place and wish them well. I had a wonderful time living there entertaining many friends who came multiple times from 2005 - 2011. I had to laugh when here mother talked about it being OLD.
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