Temptation Island (TV)

Posted By: Grace

Temptation Island (TV) - 12/13/00 02:38 PM

Oh no...Fox TV is starting to advertise the show Temptation Island that was filmed on AC...I hope they don't tell the world where it is!!!!!
Posted By: Belize Bound

Re: Temptation Island (TV) - 12/15/00 07:46 PM

Living in Belize for over a decade, I must say Belize is a great as it was 12 years ago when I walked out on the red-hot tarmac of the old airport in Ladyville.

"Progress brings (or is it breeds?) problems" as said by the first Prime Minister of Belize, Rt. Hon. George Price.

The new airport is a change for the better. No doubt, this is due to increased tourism arrivals in the early 90s. I look forward to even more changes to benefit the people that live and work here (better streets, sewage control, the basics).

The keyword is "Sustainable Development". Which is an entirely different topic for discussion?

FOX TV was here to make money, for FOX TV. As a benefit, hopefully Belize and San Pedro will get some needed press to help fill our hotels, restaurants and help the beautiful people of Belize. After all, the people are what most visitors fall in love with.
Posted By: chunkyruth

Re: Temptation Island (TV) - 12/15/00 10:29 PM

Well put...couldn't agree more!
Posted By: captain

Re: Temptation Island (TV) - 12/16/00 01:12 AM

I keep missing the ads - so when is the show [series?] gonna be broadcast?? Thanks, captain
Posted By: rickcheri

Re: Temptation Island (TV) - 12/16/00 04:43 AM

should be sometime in the beginning of Jan., maybe around the 15th. i believe a few of them were on AC during the storm, north. it was in our post's for hurricane relief on this board.
Posted By: barefoot

Re: Temptation Island (TV) - 12/17/00 08:18 AM

I saw that the show was going to air Jan 10th. Our company had the pleasure of being used for one of the "dates". We are really looking forward to how all the filming turned out.
Posted By: Grace

Re: Temptation Island (TV) - 12/18/00 02:48 PM

What I'd like to know is were the 24 people they used as "temptations" local or shipped in? The commercial is running alot now, and it looks like a tacky kind of show.
Posted By: Belize Bound

Re: Temptation Island (TV) - 12/20/00 02:15 AM

The show is to air next month.

The commercials normally run on Fox TV during the prime time hours in the evening.

The tempters are from abroad. They should have saved some cash and let the temptees loose to us locals (ha ha).

According to various publications, Temptation Island is to be one of next years top "real life" shows. With TV, who knows how the show will do?
Posted By: rickcheri

Re: Temptation Island (TV) - 12/20/00 07:38 AM

For everyone one the island and in Belize, this will be GREAT for the island. Not very happy about the title, but it will bring alot of tourist to the island and make the island more popular with the states and the world. So you all that live there get ready, IT"S COMMING!!!!!!
Posted By: Escaping the Cold

Re: Temptation Island (TV) - 12/21/00 12:32 AM

Does anyone know if all the crew and "stars" of this new show are gone yet?

I'm visiting AC in February and the last thing I want to see is camera crews and a lot of hoopla!
Posted By: Belize Bound

Re: Temptation Island (TV) - 12/21/00 02:13 AM

Everything wrapped up the day before the hurricane. In fact, the "wrap party" was on Friday night, the night before the hurricane.

Captain Morgan's brought back some of the art and set designers to remodel the resort. They should be gone by now as well.

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