First Trip to Belize A/C San Pedro

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First Trip to Belize A/C San Pedro - 12/14/00 08:04 PM

Hello, I have been reading your wonderful messages for several weeks and it has really helped me to prepare for our upcoming trip to Belize. My husband and I arrive on 12-21 and can't wait to be there. This is our first trip to Belize and we know it will be a true adventure for us. We love to meet new people and explore new surroundings and it sounds like San Pedro area is the place to be for Christmas. We will be staying at the Playador Hotel. I haven't heard too much about the hotel on your message board. We figure as long as we have a room to sleep that is all we really need. I just have one question, what is the weather like around there this time of year? Just curious. We are from Dallas, Tx. and we had sleet yesterday. That was a shocker for everyone. Can't wait to be there.

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The weather should be just fine. We have been in San Pedro for Christmas several times (arrive this year on the 22nd) and it is generally in the mid to low 80's, nice breeze, and 70ish at night. Rain is more likely than say in January or February, but all in all it is pretty dry towards the end of the month.

The Playador has a beautiful location and has several different types of accomodations that run the gamut. The newer ones towards the back are pretty nice (so we've heard) but are perilously close to the Barefoot Iguana Nightclub. You'll be a very short crawl south to Coconuts Beach Bar, and a short stroll north into town. Duck up the road to the Hideaway for breakfast Belikins, and then take the beach south to walk it off, and help in the dolphin spotting patrols.

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Re: First Trip to Belize A/C San Pedro - 12/14/00 11:20 PM


I'm also in Dallas but originally from OK so the ice didn't bother me much! We are making our first trip to Belize in May but wish we were leaving today. Can't wait to hear what you think! Have a great trip!

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Re: First Trip to Belize A/C San Pedro - 12/15/00 01:11 AM

Thanks CHOOCHOO for the info. I feel much better now knowing that the hotel does exist. My husband and I are pretty laid back and easy to please and don't need a lot extra stuff to keep us happy. We do love beer and can't wait to try the Belikins for breakfast. The only way to start a day.
Hope to see you while we are in San Pedro. I will be the one working on getting a tan.
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Re: First Trip to Belize A/C San Pedro - 12/15/00 01:16 AM

Glad to hear someone else is in the Dallas area. My husband and I both grew up in SW Kansas and have experienced the snow and ice as well. That is why we moved to Dallas. But, after the sleet we had the other night I think we need to move farther south. My husband had a snow day from work and we watched movies and drank the afternoon away. We can't wait to get to San Pedro.
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Re: First Trip to Belize A/C San Pedro - 12/26/00 08:16 AM

We are going to the Playador March 21 - April 1. Can you comment on the accomodations, people at the resort, pool, resturant, service? Would you stay there again? Thanks much
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Re: First Trip to Belize A/C San Pedro - 12/26/00 04:30 PM

lulu, we are from dfw, too! hated the ice and waiting on it again...yuck. hope u have a wonderful trip. i can't imagine anyone going to AC and not having an awesome time!!
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Re: First Trip to Belize A/C San Pedro - 12/26/00 08:19 PM

Haunalulu, I will be leaving for Belize in two weeks and would love to hear about your trip, especially info on hotels. How was the Playador? Price?

Thanks in advance,

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